Have you ever got emotionally attached

To a piece of equipment. One that you dont want to part with. For me its an old pair of OHM I speakers. Bought in 82. Ive upgraded them and just like them. They have their own sonic signiture that Im used too. OK I'll admit Im biased. Three of the drivers are on top and pointed upwards. The sound does not directly come at me and Im used to it. I have 2 Watkin echo muffs behind them. Any way I see them as the part of the system that actually sings to me. I also tried a much touted newer speaker and sold it a year later. If anyone wants to give me a $5000+ speaker I'll try it but I might be sending it back too you. I also wished I hadnt sold my Tandberg 3018A preamp. I thought it looked pretty cool and sounded great. mike
i've loved magnepans ever since i first heard them and bought a pair in 1976. i now have modified mmgs and still love them. i was also very into tandberg reel to reels and nakamichi 700 cassette decks. but i like anything that has some unique design to it.
I was to my first 2 channel McIntosh Amp MC352 because it had brought new life to my old Infinity Kappa 7's. After years of owning the speakers I had never really heard their potential until then. Then I came home one night and found it cheating on me! I traded it in on a MC402.
I still own my first "serious" stereo speakers from nearly thirty years ago - a pair of Grafyx SP-6 bookshelf speakers. The imaging is terrible, but they still sound marvelous (rubber woofer surrounds, thank heavens) after all these years - I use them still in a family room system along with an Apt-Holman preamp and Exposure VIII amp and my other beloved piece of "vintage" gear - an honest-to-god fully functional Empire 698 turntable I bought from a pawn shop in 1979!
Rdavwhitaker: Are those Grafyx SP-6 or SP-6D? I had a pair of Grafyx SP-8 forever. I wish I'd not gotten rid of them. It would be a great box to replace the tweeter. The Grafyx woofers were pretty good. The ported cabinets = fun.

I've currently got a Thorens TD125 II. This is the first turntable I ever saw that was obviously 'high end' - a long time ago. I bought this table in 1980. It has had either a Grace 714 wooden beast or a Fidelity Research something or other. I've replaced belts and changed the oil a few times. Something fell on the dust cover and turned it into a collector's item. Great table, great look, fine sound.

I doubt I'll ever not have it.
I still own my Father's JBL C38 Signatures speakers with the 030 package (D -130 extended range and 075 tweeters N-2400 X-over). One was bought the year I was born the other a year later when stereo became common. I will never part with them. They are unmodded and I will give them to my son.
Moth 2A3
Emotionally attached to:
JBL L-166 Horizons
JBL L-200 Studio Masters
Epicure 20 +
Spica TC-50's

Marantz 2230 receiver

Nakamichi CR-5a
a pair of MG IIIA along with my old Goldmund studio TT..
i'm still holding on to my 36 inch ANALOG television set, with its wood veneer cabinet, built in amp and speakers, and a glass-enclosed two-shelf storage
for vcr/dvd players. for me, the color rendition on it makes up for the small amount of definition loss. and i still have an EXTRA cassette deck in the closet to back up the one i have out (even though i don't use it much...)
i have a couple of "member's only" jackets in the back of the closet...
ESS amt 1b
Jl35, now you're talk'in. ESS AMT Towers-- my first audiophile speakers 1974-1990 RIP.
JBL L-65 Jubals - Lord, I loved those speakers! The first "serious" speakers I ever bought with my own hard-earned cash and I got them from Audio Assoc. in Bethesda, MD. I hauled them back and forth from DC to MD a few times, and they ROCKED whereever they were placed.

Those glass tops sure came in handy during the late 70s...

Sunfire SRA. After listening to a bunch of much higher priced amps including Wyred that I wanted to upgrade to, I'm still attached to it as I've never been attached to any amp I've used before:Bryston 3b-st, VTL -MB100, Belles-150, Nikko Alpha, Quicksilver M60.
Lyra Titan cartridge can only be exchenged or traded for another Lyra Titan cartridge. No Shelter/Benz/Koetsu... of any model will be traded, cuz that's the sound performance and tracking I've got used to so deep that I can't switch to anything else.
My Forte Model 5 amp and Model 40 preamp. I was recently married and only a couple years out of college(to my ex!) and it was right around New Years 1992. We were pretty much dirt poor, but we went into a local mid fi store (Audio Video Systems--not sure if still around) and we were kicking tires looking around. We saw these as floor models on clearance for 50% off. At the time I didn't know Threshold was changing hands and the Forte line was being shut down. Hell, I had never heard of Forte, but I knew Threshold was a great company. I just liked the build quality of the units. Anyway, with some basic Monster Cables, we took these home. These were my first separates. Put them into the system with my trusty Boston Acoustics A 150 and Sony CD Player, and we immediately realized how good music could sound. We spent New Year's pulling out every CD we owned and listening and dancing around and drinking Beaujolais nouveau til the wee hours. Even though she has been my ex for nearly 10 years, I still have the equipment. They were even written into the property division order! I got them recapped and updated by Jon Soderberg a couple years back, but then I completely upgraded my system since then. I now have em boxed up for a third system. I am thinking of giving them to my son or daughter for Xmas this year for their room to hook up their ipod. They are too nice to use in the garage, but I can't let go. They represent the beginning of the search for me.
I still have a pair of Sonab 116's from the late 70's, so unique and so good at the time I haven't wanted to get rid of them. I want to rebuild them but I'm starting to think it's not going to happen so.........!!!!
alas I get emotionally attached to alot of gear. I still have my first 2 sets of speakers (vintage 1968 Wharfedales), and vintage 1975 Infinity Monitor IIa's). But after getting back into this hobby in earnest in ~2000, I have a number of pieces I've acquired since that I'll have a hard ime parting with - B&K M200 mono amps, Musical Fidelity NuVista preamp, Pink Triangle 'tables (3 of them), Electron Kinetics Eagle 4 amps (4 of them).
Rdavwhitaker: Are those Grafyx SP-6 or SP-6D?

So far as I can tell from the materials, they are just straight SP-6s. They were bought from a Central Illinois stereo dealer (which, as I recall, was Grafyx's home stomping grounds during its brief life).
Yep, fell in love with Vandy 2c's in 89, married em in 07.
Maybe in the past but not now. It's just gear, it's man-made and will eventually fade away one way or another.

I look at it this way-if my house burned down it's just a bunch of stuff. Sure, some of the things I have are heirlooms or have sentimental value but it's just stuff.
Yamaha MX1000U and CX1000U. Still solid to me.
it's difficult for me to get emotionally attached to an inanimate object, but , i understand that some people get attacged to items that have been passed down from generations. whether that it is emotional or some other behavior, i have no clue.
Are you kidding? This is what this site is all about, no matter what is admitted. I had such a reaction resurrecting my 30+ year old Frazeir Concertos from storage this year. My best friend has my Totem 1s. I visit them from time to time, when no one is looking I stroke them affectionately.
I find myself trolling ebay for a 3020, will I find my past?
I see im not alone. It seems like I've been married to my speakers for so long my opinions are biased. I broke up with my speaker (her) for a while thinking the other speaker (new girlfiend) would be hotter. Went back to my ex !!. Thanks for the responses.
-RW- If you happen to check back on this thread, I have fond memories of my neighbor's Jubals. I even horned in on a sales pitch some chump was making for Bozak speakers. The store carried JBL and I was the dick steering some clueless customers toward the Jubals. Sorry, but the cutting edge Bozaks with aluminum cones sounded, might I say, "tinny". Jubals were warm, rich and had pretty damn good resolution.
my jbl L 56's
materialism is alive and well. this is why the us is going to the dogs.

it is better not to get attached to stuff.

people first, and stuff somewhere of lesser importance.
I know you are not supposed to get emotionally attached to gear but I just can't help it.

I'm attached to my McCormack TLC-1 Deluxe and my KEF Q-90 speakers.
Mrtennis thank you! I have given away all my material possessions. I contacted my dad who I have not spoken to in 8 years. I have booked a one way flight to Nepal. I now understand why the Buddhist Monk ordered his hot dog "one with everything". I don't even care who wins at Wimbledon. Thanks, I'm finally free.
I hope all of us are emotionally attached to the gear we really like. I have several components that I have affection for. They are quality products with sophisticated attributes and have given me much pleasure over the years.

Mrtennis - Most sane people here will understand that emotional attachment to people and ideas is more important than attachment to inanimate things. That doesn't mean that affection for inanimate things is bad or ridiculous. The different attachments don't preclude each other.
My several pairs of Audient Technologies Audit and Tactic. I don't use them all, but I love 'em.
I think everyone gets attached to their equipment.... I'll rephrase that, likes to stroke their kit... No that's not right either. Well you know what I mean.
That's a large reason why people get so hot under the collar on the forums. If you criticise a piece of kit, it's like saying your kids are ugly and dumb. They may be, but you do'nt like anyone else pointing it out.
i think a healthy distance and perspective about material objects engenders a more relaxed state of mind.

remember, it is only stuff. it can always be replaced.

keep your priorities in check.
Yes . But once I hear something better it's the punt .