Have you ever changed non-detachable poewer cord?

I own VTL MB100 tube amps and they don't have detachable power cords. My current ones are not stiff anymore and too soft showing sins of wear. I also believe that they create a great deal of hum and don't bring a sufficient and clean power onto my amps.
Is there any way for me to get non-detachable power cords 12AWG minimum and with budget of $100 for both?
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Yes -- I used the Asylum pc kit from diycable.com/powerproducts.htm.
Ive posted on this before as a plug for the person who cuts the cords on my gear, not sure where you live, but he is in Berkeley CAL, and does the job for $50-$80 and does quality work to boot.
i just pig tailed the cord going out of my amps & pre & put on a male iec connector about 4 inches out .its great for moving my amps now,i dont have to move my whale power cords ,goodluck,
keep the captured cord, cut off the male plug and solder the stripped end onto your outlet. it may not sound any better, but your doing so would qualify you as a member of the "tweakers hall of fame." (unfortunately, without a home, since dale evans died and her estate was forced to sell all those stuffed triggers just to meet the tax payments on the "tweakers...." home. betcha' didn't know that roy and dale were inveterate audiophiles. picked up from their long association with gabby hayes.) -cfb
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I had an IEC install on a preamp, so I can use any cord.
I installed a strain relief plug and direct soldered an after market cable into my Sound Valves amps. Even though they serve my home theatre system, it was a nice improvement.

I added a IEC to my television so I could experiment with cables and to allow me to extend the reach of the power. This allows me ease in moving it between my speakers during movies. Nice improvement in image quality as well.

I used inexpensive power cable in both of these situations.

There is a tool that punches the chassis to the perfect size to install an IEC into any piece of audio gear that has clearance for the part. This does require both mechanical and electrical skill and could void your warranty. For those who want the conversion to be as slick as the factory, it is the way to go.