Have you ever been stuck?

I was just wondering how many of you have come across counterfeit money orders or certified checks when doing business via COD or anyway with audiogon members?
Never, and I've been doing business on ebay and Audiogon since 4 years.
Well there was this one time at tire camp.........oh wait that's another story all together!
this has nothing to do with audiogon, in particular, but rather with selling ANYTHING on the net, in general. if you are asked to ship something overnight COD, DON'T, unless you REALLY know your buyer is trustworthy. as a seller on ebay and audiogon, i require receipt and clearing of "good funds" before shipping, unless i've previously dealt with the buyer, or he/she can send a notarized certificate of having recently attended tire camp. (the last clause only is prompted by tim's typically enigmatic post. what the hell is tire camp?) -cfb
Kelly- You have never seen American Pie(the original or the second-movie), it may seem a little juvenile(the movie). But if you have viewed either of those movies not only would my statement make sense but it would be funny! I am of the age where things like that muze me, but you already know that ;)
Tim,you know Kelly is an old fuddy duddy!
So what was it, Tireguy? An air pump?!?

Tim, I've seen both movies the second one just the other night. That's exactly what popped into my head. Very funny :~) say if you guys want to see a totally twisted musical check out Hedwig.

As for the thread at hand. I personally have never been burned but know people that have. There most definitely are people out there paying with fake money orders. Try to do your homework and feel comfortable before the deal.

Audiogon does a great job of weeding these people out with the help of the locals. If you ever see anything suspicious please report it at once.
Over several dozen transactions I've never had any serious problems myself, however I have read some horror stories... I've been tracking them for quite awhile now & the information is available. Have you read the (now deleted) Dssman thread? BTW: None of the above names have appeared in any of the complaint remarks that I've ever noticed.
david: i may be old and i may be a fuddy duddy, but i don't drive 600 miles every weekend to listen to c&w music. and i LIKE some c&w music. :o) -kelly
Not so far, from Audiogon but sure got scammed few years back from posting an ad on Usnet rec.audio.marketplace. Sold a Krell amp and a preamp to a guy in NJ. Took all the precautions I could have taken and requested two different major bank cashiers check for COD to assure I get paid for both boxes, etc. The loser paid the UPS driver with two Chase Manhattan Bank Cashier's checks and they got deposited - and two weeks later got a call from my bank... They were counterfeits. The saddest part was that there were other victims and the FBI would not even open a case even after we had supplied them with the person's id and pointing out other scamming he was doing at the time. I lost $4500 others lost more. NO more COD's for me!
oh man, Kelly that was low: but hey the truth hurts sometimes!
I just had to laugh - our old farmhouse is literally surrounded by corn & soybeans, but there's very little C&W in our music library (OK I'll allow you a few in the Stevie Nicks collection).
As others have pointed out, this is a more general question and not Audiogon specific. But, yes, I have been scammed with a counterfeit COD check and won't ever do business that way again with somebody I don't know. There is little to no recourse and it's pretty easy to do seemingly, at least once you're past the lack of ethics part. -Kirk
Had a Nak tape deck arrive DOA after the seller assured me it had just come from Nak and even faxed me the receipt but this was on eBAY. I don't buy there, just sell now.
No this is Audiogon specific.
Not on Audiogon, but had a check for a whole $25 bounce once that cost me $20 bank charges from some guy out of Buffalo, New York.....He sent me a check on a closed account and would not respond to my email.....Believe his name was Bigfoot, but might be wrong.....This was for an update on a piece of gear.....
So far, so good (3 years 25-30 transactions).