Have you ever been blocked by an E seller here?

I was browsing through the ads over the weekend and on an item I clicked on, I saw the words "blocked". I have never ever done business with this person before. I did however call him out via private message that he was being very misleading in his ad for something he was selling. He gave me a snarky reply and that was the end of it, I didn’t press further. What do you make of it? I am quite annoyed as I have an impeccable record in the classifieds.
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I truly believe I have run into the same seller or if not one with the same mindset.
The way I understood his response in my situation was....
They did not want just a.n.other buying their gear direct without " feeling them out" hence the make offer tactic.

You make a too low offer and they then figure you may be a "problem" buyer and not worth dealing with.

That was my take anyway.
I think there are valid reasons to use make an offer, but ad should state price is firm. 
It's not my account that has been blocked but it's my cousin the sad part is that he has been reported. He tried to create a new account message the seller to find out the reason why, but to no bail, he hasn't received a reply. 
Um, yes, I thought I was being constructive...presenting an alternate point of view is always useful, unless you need to hear ever nothing but uncritical approbation in order to salve your bruised ego and are intolerant of opinions that differ from yours.
And yes uber, on this particular matter, you seem to be indulging in a bit of self pity...but hey, we all have our buttons to be pushed, and yours may be different than mine.  Happy listening.
@mahler123 - I thought your reply was very well put, hearing other sides is appreciated.  It seems we are so black or white these days we forget the gray.