Have you ever been blocked by an E seller here?

I was browsing through the ads over the weekend and on an item I clicked on, I saw the words "blocked". I have never ever done business with this person before. I did however call him out via private message that he was being very misleading in his ad for something he was selling. He gave me a snarky reply and that was the end of it, I didn’t press further. What do you make of it? I am quite annoyed as I have an impeccable record in the classifieds.
Refusing to sell internationally as most sellers do on Audiogon is not the same as blocking but the result is the same.  I have had some successful purchases from the USA but many more lost purchases because sellers only sell to the USA or Canada. Perhaps someone can explain why as payments are secure via Paypal and the only extra effort required by the seller as I understand it is to fill in a brief customs declaration form.
Were you prepared to pay the outrageous costs associated with shipping?
For whatever reason shipping anything outside the USA is just ludicrous pricing.
It is far, far, far cheaper to ship same item from England to USA than the other way round ( just as one example).

And I also buy a lot of good stuff from Japan at free shipping.

I just don’t get why the USA is not geared up to do affordable out of USA shipping.

That is the main reason I do not ship anything out of the USA, usually when you tell the buyer how much ,they just disappear anyway ( rightfully so imho).
Yes.  I made a bid on an item with a “firm” price that was lower than the “firm” price.  Seller blocked me.  It is ironic that the item did not sell for the “firm” price and the seller lowered the price to less than the bid I made.  Go figure.  
I sympathize with everyone but I am glad I am not the only one.  When I saw blocked, It made me feel like I had the plague or something.  IMO, it's the sellers loss as there are plenty of retailers and others who will GLADLY take my money.
It could just be that seller has been burned in the past..  Perhaps someone was critical of him but purchased anyway and then gave the seller a hard time afterwards.  People do weird stuff like that.  I’m a Physician in a large city and I have a few patients that constantly complain about everything.  They have choice and they can move on elsewhere, but no, they choose to stay on and make every single interaction  miserable for me and the staff.  We can’t dismiss a patient unless they do something really egregious, like bring a firearm to the office, but a private seller here can do whatever they want.  So if they think they smell trouble, it’s their privilege to not deal with that person.