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The New Face of Vinyl: Youth's Digital Devolution

This seems like a cool project. I tried searching the forum but it looks like this hasnt been posted yet. Is that possible? This sounds like a really cool project and I think I am in for at least $50.


PS - I am in now way affiliated with the creation of this project. I just stumbled onto it via Michael Freemers site.
Interesting; my son 16 yrs old loves vinyl better sounding (his words) than cd's , sacd's and certainly MP-3's. We have bought some Zeppeling, Floyd and Nirvana both reissues and original pressings. Plus he says my (our) TT looks bitchen (vpi classic).

I 'd rather donate to to better causes than this road trip.
Donating $50.00 to Saint Jude hospital fight cancer in children make's more since then this....
What Ben Meadors and Owen McCafferty are doing is nice but yes there are better charities and causes to donate too. I donate to the charities that keep music in schools as well as many other children's charities.

I think Ben & Owen should get sponsorship from turntable companies or cartridge manufacturers for their trip since they are trying to promote vinyl which is admirable.
Forgive me for "harshing anybody's mellow"...but while they're at it I suggest they ask the "youth" why they exhibit near zero social conscience and among those eligible to vote do so at the stunning rate of 11%. Is the govt out of control? Who cares dude!...lets buy some VINYL!
The guy in that photo looks like Joren Van Der Sloot's little brother.

Hey, I'm going on vacation next month and we're driving from New England to Oklahoma and back. If you guys send me $50 a piece I'll see what I can do along the way and maybe report back on whatever it turns out to be.
I was thinking the same thing Dan !!!!!
I've got long pockets and short fingers, so I can't donate.
My daughter did the vinyl thing a couple years ago. She thought it was cool to spin her lps...for about six months. After the fad died her turntable went back where it came from, ebay.
While it's cool to be cool, and dabbling in the latest fad is cool, it ain't cool to get OCD over the latest fad.
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