Have you cryogenically treated your....?

This is a subject many have covered before, but after trying this, I can whole heartily recommend every audiophile try this treatment before spending thousands on a new CDP, cables, amps, etc. I treated my CD, DVD collection, interconnects, speaker cables, tubes, power supplies and about 50 of my favorite LP records. All I can say is the detail, space and smoothness around the notes is unbelieveable. The noise floor is lower and the inner detail greatly improved. This is by far the best, and most inexpensive tweak I have ever tried. Here's the link to the guy I used in my neighborhood. Email me if you have any questions. I am a believer.

Check out this link:http://www.cryogenicsinternational.com/audio.htms
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Hifimaniac, I absolutely agree. My first real experience with cryo-treated products was Jena Labs cryo-treated Hubbell 20 amp IEC connector to replac standard Hubbell 20 amp IEC connector on my amplifier's passive/dedicated line conditioner.

I had purchased the Jena Labs unit a few years ago and it sat around in my tool chest until about 4 months ago. Obviously, I was not anticipating anything or else I would have installed it a long time ago.

But after about 18 hours of play time, I was amazed at the sonic improvements of just that connector.

I've since installed cryo-treated plugs, connectors, outlets, etc. and I now have a box of 150 ft. of 12 gauge cryo-treated romex that is just waiting to be installed.

Cryo-treated items are a fantastic and cost-effective means to get at all the little musical nuances.