Have you changed your mind about a brand? Was it you, or them?

I've changed my mind about many things.  Beer for instance.  Now I can really only drink IPAs and dark beers. Lagers?  Phooey.  This is very different than what I drank in my 20s though. 

Same for audio gear. 

So let me ask all of you, are there brands or equipment you've changed your mind about, for better or worse?  And if so, why?  It doesn't have to be a brand, it can be a TYPE or technology.

For instance, I used to love Ti and Be tweeters.  Now usually can't listen to them.

What about you?
Ok, being of German descent Lager beer is where its at for myself.
Windhook Lager is just jolly fine too - and of course all brewed to "German Reinheitsgebot" i.e. no 🌽 Mais, rice 🍚 , or any other unspeakable stuff added to replace barley malts. 

As for Audio... B&W is one brand I lost my 'emotional' connection to.
Gone from affordable floorstanders to way-out pricing and still no more tickling my sound bone.
The first Wilson Watt/Puppy I listened to during a 1996 audition in Germany.
I didn't 'connect' then - too hyped up a reproduction - a second higher version number of same construction, at my then home in Pretoria SA... terrible sounding bass performance, bad on my ears, and plain wrong to me. 
Though I till beleave Wilson creates some amazing newer items, though completely unaffordable for my liking AND my purse. 
So... disenchanting as well, overall. Maybe I was never enchanted in real-life, just by circumstances? But yeah, surely tickled by them fantastic reviews.
M. 🇿🇦 
I bought my first new headphone, after 25 years with Beyerdynamic Dt 990 indestructible headphone that my wife break with the aspirator, 8 years ago, Hifiman He 400 replace them; but they break themselves in 2 parts suddenly after 4 years of using them with care for no reason excess defective design....Paid a 300 hundred bucks at this time for a defective hyper hyped product....It gives me a first lesson.... Some other comes after....For sure i will never buy Hifiman products in the future.... Nor any too hyped new one..... :)

My wife remember that accident because that motivate my obsessive journey in audio audiophile experience for the good 7 years ago....I mange to do that without much money but with success....

My speakers and audio system is so good ( vintage speakers Mission Cyrus and amplifier Sansui AU 7700)now that i dont use any of my 7 headphones even the Stax models.... Good Speakers rightfully embed trash them all on all counts....

My best....

A remark: Contrary to the Hifiman experience, the Mission experience and the Sansui experience were so good i bought another model for each one of these brand with complete satisfaction....
I used to have a lot of respect for lower end B&W speakers; bought my dad some in the 1990s and they sounded nice with NAD gear.

On my recent outings to audition bookshelves, all the B&W speakers were over-bright to the point of aggressive harshness. I understand this was a choice on their part, perhaps?f
Totally agree on B&W, which is what I was going to post about.

Owned DM1800’s for a long, long time and thoroughly enjoyed them. Back then, I would have ranked them high in the pantheon of great British speaker makers.

More recently, auditioning much newer models, I thought them either mediocre or unlistenable.

I wonder if the reverse direction is less common: anyone dislike a brand and then later come around to them?
@twoleftears And I held them in *really* high esteem, so they have really fallen.

I like your question about the reverse. And one has to be careful with these questions, since there can be a gap between the lower line of a brand and their upper levels of product. So, can be an apples to oranges comparison mistake.

I will add one comment, namely, that I really thought Adcom was very mediocre, but I realized that of my two units -- a tuner/preamp and the amp -- that once I paired a really good tube preamp with the adcom power amp (535L), it sounded pretty darn good. In other words, the amp is still only mid-fi, but it has much greater potential paired with a good preamp than I previously thought.