Have you been Shpongleized?

Since I started my quest for new music several years ago I've come across some very interesting music from Thievery Corporation, LCD Soundsystem, Bonobo, to name a few. However, I'm shaking my head over Shpongle's Nothing Lasts but Nothing is lost. This CD is nothing less than phenomenal. To write their music off as Pyschedelia does a disservice IMO. Has anyone else been turned on to these guys?

It sounds like the kind of music I could really be driven crazy by....I must admit however the I might enjoy being Shpongelized, if only to blog about it to unsuspecting audiophiles.
My favourite still remain Future Sound Of London...Glad I'm not the only one who listen to something different here...
Love Thievery Corp, and thanks to you I am now Shpongleyesed. Listened to some bits and ordered the whole lot....
you're a real funsucker eh?
I like Sphongle also, have several of their cd's....check out Richard Bone to continue this musical train of thought.
Some of the most interesting song titles I've seen in a while. I'll order a couple of them for a trial.
I say this over and over. Music discoveries is my favorite aspect of Audiogon.
Its 'tripping' music.
Very good though.
I've got a ton of stuff by Simon Posford aka 1/2 of Shpongle. My favorite thing he's ever done is his remix of Satellite Serenade. The recordings he has under the moniker Hallucinogen are more dancefloor oriented goa trance but still good and trippy.
HAH, huge fan, of the Shpongleland. Somehow it gets to my most played all the time music. Great imaging, energy. Never get tired of it. Just wish they'd make more. simon/rajaram are genius.
I had never heard of Shpongle before this thread, though I really like this genre. I ordered "nothing lasts . . ." and received it yesterday. I agree it's great, but I find some of the "eastern music" vocals mildly distracting. This is on first listen . . .

My general reaction is I find Future Sound of London, and Global Communication more interesting, but Shpongle is worth a try.
Bdgregory...listen to the one I mentioned above for some stuff Simon does more in line with FSOL/GC. Satellite Serenade-Saturday Mix. The EP he did was a split remix EP with The Orb.
I am now! It's kind of Mannheim Steamroller meets Tangerine Dream meets some Eastern trace music. I'm not sure I'm a fan yet but it's worth a listen. I'm only on my first trip through.

Thanx, Russ
I got 5 Shpongle cd's for Xmas. All I can say is, I'll have some of what they're havin', lol.
Try Zero 7 if you enjoy spacey mood music, the title is "When It Falls" on Elektra. Or Popul Vuh's "Shepherd's Symphony (Hirtensymphonie) on SPV.
Just discovered Entheogenic on itunes genius when I was listening to Shpongle. If you like Shpongle, step up to the plate on this one. I've only downloaded Dialogue of the Speakers and it really is. If you like imaging, it's a hell of a conversation between your speakers.
I'm lovin' this thread.....
Owl: Unfortunately the Entheogenic is not available in CD so I'm gonna pass. SYnthfreek: I'm intrigued by the Last Days of Gravity (Simon Bosford)and thinking of grabbing it. Do you have it?
I don't have any of the Younger Brother records...I know there's a lot of singing on them. I'd go for the first Infinity Project record before I venture there.

I'm not a big fan of electornica at all, but I think Shpongle is pretty awesome... Definitely very "tripy" music.