Have you any experience with this company?

I owned a classe ca-100 (1996). It needs to be repaired/restored. I saw this "Amplifier_Surgery" co ad in the internet and they look interesting.
First thing is no address on the website. So where ARE they? Then the part with amp que.. No amps listed. So they certainly have no business going right now..
The website is basic. No personal info as to 'who they are' at all.
I would be wanting a lot more info.
Hi Phil

Here is their youtube page:


Check their Ebay under ID: amplifier_surgery for more info.

I have no affiliation with Amplifier Surgery. This was the info I collected when I was thinking about them repairing my Accuphase C200 or E202. Their price was $600 each repair + shipping. I couldn't spend that much on either piece of gear at the time so I kept their info.

Where are you located? If you are in the NY area I know of some techs who could work on your classe CA-100.
Sorry Elizabeth. The address:5231 Florence Ave, Downers Grove, IL. 60515. They have an ad (Bryston) on Ebay. Thanks.
Hi Jedinite24,
Thanks, I appreciate your help. But I no longer live in NY.
I played your youtube link - Brubeck ..5. Phil