Have WTT Reference and itch to upgrade

I have an original WTT Reference and Reference arm with a Benz Ebony (new) cartridge. Would I gain anything by going to a new high end combo such as Galibier with Triplanar arm? Any suggestions or comments please.
I had this TT too, with a Benz Ruby and went after that combination to Basis vacuum with a Graham Arm.
Thanks for your response. Did you feel that the sound was much better with the Basis and Graham? Don
Hello Don,
unfortunately: Yes.
Better in every Area. I had the WTT for 1 year beside the Basis and made the comparisons.
But, from MY point of view, the WTT is so much better than most out there (even today) that there is in my opinion no reason to replace it.
Did you ever try it with a Vibraplane below?
No? Then You should.