Have speakers need new electronics

Hello! I am new to this so I hope I am going about this right. I have some new Revel F206 speakers. I am ready to buy electronics. I am thinking solid state integrated. I am curious of what would pair up well with these speakers. Budget of about 3000. Thank you. 
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I highly recommend you try the 30-day, in-home demo of the Stellar Gain Cell DAC/preamp and S300 stereo amp, or their M700 monoblocks, from PS Audio. I recently purchased their GCD/M700 package, and, with a trade-in for my DAC, I paid less than $3000 for the entire package. This is, by far, one of the best deals ever and the sound with my Thiels is far improved over what I’ve heard, having previously owned preamps and amps, both integrated and separates, from Krell, Conrad Johnson, Musical Fidelity, Manley Labs, NAD, Parasound and Bryston.

Others will have different suggestions, of course.
Balanced Audio Technology VK-300SE. Can't go wrong. Plenty of power, great user interface, tube front-end and very easy to bi-amp when the time comes.
Key words above: "in-home demo."

The Parasound Integrated can be had used for under $1600 and has everything you need including a great phono section. Lots of power and great sounding.

Thanks for the responses. I will of course try every opportunity to check things out in home. It’s just there isn’t a whole
lot of variety in little Bend Oregon. 
From what I understand also, is that I want power that is stable at 4 ohms for these speakers correct?
BAT has 300 wpc @ 4ohms. Is that enough?
discopete OP2 posts01-16-2019 8:20amFrom what I understand also, is that I want power that is stable at 4 ohms for these speakers correct?
Correct as it’s said they have a similar impedance/-phase load as the 608’s, which dip down below 4ohms, in the power region of the bass and up in the presence region in the upper mids. So you’ll need an amp that is happy seeing loads of 3ohms. And because the F206 are 88db efficient around 80 rms watts or more into 8ohms at least.
I’d steer clear of tubes unless big ones with low output impedance if you want the best out of the bass eg: < 0.5ohm eg: AR D-115 would be a good oldie for them.


Cheers George
Steve gave an excellent recommendation, the PS Audio gear gets rave reviews (and measures well too). 

Discopete: I live in Medford; if you’re down this way in the near future, please stop by for a listen. My Thiel CS 2.4s drop to minimum 2.73 Ohms and stay below 4 Ohms for most of the frequency band. The PS Audio amps have no problem with that load.
 The new Kinki Audio Ex-M1 integrated will put out 400 w.p.c at 4 ohms, is well below your budget, is extremely well made, and sounds like it should be priced at two or three times its cost.