Have Runco Cinemapro 750 What Line doublers?

Does anyone know of a source of information to find out what is availible to use on the Runco Cinemapro 750 to help remove the horizontal lines.
Could not find any info o nteh Runco site and was wondering what brands and / or models would work to help solve this problem.
Thanks Phil
There are a lot of doublers and video processing units out there. You can go with something as economical as an iScan Ultra for around $1,000.00, to the megabuck stuff from Faroudja. (I can't afford the Faroudja stuff, and theiScan Ultra does a great job for me)
If you don't get much response here, try A/V Sciences.com and Hometheaterforum.com, or, of course, a good dealer.
you can often get a very good deal on the faroudja stuff here on audiogon if you are willing to wait
the runco is an excellent projector
I myself have a faroudja vp201 doubler feeding my electrohome marquee and am very happy with the results
it is up to you
good luck
and enjoy
Thanks for the response,..
I have contacted Runco and found out that this model will not handle a line doubler. Something about not having a high enough frequency.
Thanks Phil
Greetings.. CANT beleive what I'm reading.. "RUNCO" told you that your unit "doesnt have a high FreQ" you MUST have "missunderstood them.. because your SCAN rate is extremelt HIGH and INDEED can double the scan lines you are refering too. Your unit..Cinema Pro 750.. is better made back then.. some of the top units today. I' personelly know SAM RUNCO.. worked with him for many a year. I' have a 750 pro running as we speak with a LD100 Line Doubler.. the picture is FLAWLESS''' NO scan rate or lines.. as a matter of fact..after reading your posting. ""I'contacted' my old buddies at RUNCO to see who would told you such a thing.. no one theres remembers the call.. maybe you mistaken what they referted too. Your unit has onbly (2) feeds so it must be converted with a super or line spliter for (3) signal.. just as I' have done.. RADIO SHACK has the cable or can be ordered on-line. The ""Faroudja LD100 is ther ONLY unit that will work with yours.. it is an older model.. approx 7-years old.. $14,000 US when NEW.. now they go for around ....on E-bay $ 1,500. thats a pretty good deal considering they will LAST FOREVER.. the units were the FLAGSHIP scaler/converter/linedoubler of its time and STILL a fine unit that would cost you around $10.000 US to buy its contender. Any ways CHECK OUT E-bay.. BUT BE SHURE TO ASK THE SELLER if it has a SUPER in-feed.. if you are not sure.. let me know and I' will check out E-bay for you. your unit with a LD100 is better then the best LCD projector and as good as SONY's top unitys today. it is built to last with features and Tech.. you can only boggle your mind with..
PS is your unit the DIGITAL 750 pro.. let me know.. I' will send you the patch reference fort your unit so that you can CORRECTLY set it up.. I'll have RUNCO directly E-mail you with the corrersponding diagram to confirm and match your unit for you. your unit will look as good as a HIGH-DEF plasma or a SONY 1252Q $30.000 us if you are able to find yourself an LD100 with a "super"

I just got a runco cp750 digital fro a neighbor who is going plasma in his new house.. I just bought a Ld100 super off ebay for $856. please hook me up with the setup info and hot tips. I have no manual for my runco either and cant find one on the net. havent called runco for one.

What is the max screen size I should try with the LD100 and the runco without the picture going to heck or getting too dim? At that screen size, what is the most effective distance to mount the projector from the screen and how high can I mount it over the top level of the screen if at all (without getting weird focus or parrallax problems in the picture)?

Thanks for any advice.