Have problem choosing cables XLO or Tara Labs ??

I currently have a setup which I think is too slow, vocal image is a bit too small and forward. Hi-Freq is also dim and not as accurate. I used Digital SetUp with XLO digital cables and was satisfied. But I changes to a single box player so I am using my MIT MI-350 CVT and found the above problem... Not as fast and accurate, not as punchy and kind of dim with a forward soundstage. I am thinking XLO or Tara Labs will fix the problem since they are faster and more accurate cable. MIT was in my choice but I change to MI-350 and problem still exist. I like fast punchy accurate sound with pin point focus... Anybody with any suggestion? I have XLO 1.1 or 1.2 Signature or Tara Labs AIR 1,2,3 or Decade in mind... really don't know because I never heard Tara Labs. Are they faster and more accurate than MITs and XLOs?? Please advise...
Tara Labs is kind of in between. My system is wired with Tara Labs Decade, I find it a nice balance of music. The XLO is faster and more accurate, but can be cold or sterile with some equipment. The Tara is faster and more accurate than the MIT, but the MIT is warmer and sweeter. So IMHO, the Tara falls in between the XLO and the MIT. The Tara is sweeter than the XLO and more accurate than the MIT, but on the other hand the XLO is more accurate than the Tara and the MIT is sweeter. It's a matter of musical taste and equipment/room matching that will dictate which will work best for you.
BTW, I like the Decade better than the Air series.
please list your equipment your using?
Very simple equippment I have, I shrink everything , I used to have a huge system but I moved into an apartment lately and shrunk my entire system into just a few piece. I have a PS Audio P-600, a Philips SACD1000, and a Marantz PM-17. I used to used all XLO Signature 4.1 & Reference 4a with my Digital Set Up, then MIT MI-350 CVT from my DAC to Marantz. After I changed Philips SACD1000, high became dim, mid became forward, low became slow and boomy, very very thick sounding with a forward soundstage. Thinking that Philips doesn't really make a match with MIT cables... Please help me choose, I need one extreme fast & accurate cable with punchy deep bottom... please help!
I also like Tara Labs. I use the Decade from DAC to preamp and Air 2 everywhere else. The Air 1 is just a bit too revealing and fast for my taste, and the Air 3 comes off a bit thin. Got them all used right here! Cannot afford The One but maybe some day...
I need more help, please keep posting answers for me, still debating...
You may be focusing in the wrong area...
Have you experimented at all with upgrade AC cords? Every cord sounds different & even behaves differently on different components. Also experiment with isolation & coupling tweaks (cones, shelving, footers). You can do your tuning in different ways & if changes in interconnects don't help then perhaps it's time to try out something different. Line conditioning is another gray area in that respect.
I have achieved to the best I can do with isolations and power cords. I tried 6 different materials for isolation and a total of 6 power cords.

Isolation I tried:

Isolation Bearings
**Isolation Cone (Alluminum)(Currently using, Best Result)
(Thin down the boomy bass, better focus & accuracy but thinner mid)
**Isolation Cone (Solid Rosewood) (Unbeatable Mid, boomy bass)
**Isolation Platform (Air Pump) (Lowered in accuracy & resolution)
**Isolation Platform (Solid Wood) (No improvement)
**Isolation Stand (Standesign) (Better accuracy & focus)
Isolation Shelf (QS&D) (No improvement)

Power Cords I tried:
**Virtual Dynamics Power 3 (Hi-Freq Roll Off, tight bass)
**XLO Reference 10a (Good silky tuby mid, better hi-freq definition) (Currently Using)
**TekLine PC-8 Signature (Damping factor is high, sound too solid)
**XLO PL1000 (Better bass response than 10a but instructment seperation is not as good)
**NBS DragonFly (No Improvement)
**PS Audio Ultimate Lab (The best, but should use it with the player, double it's cost and eff. ratio not as proportional as XLO 10a)

I have a vpi db-10 on top, it damps it a bit, more seperation and more involving after it was placed.

I currently switch from MIT-MI350 to Van Den Hul, I think the Ind. of MIT doesnt really match, MIT should sound like that but it's now ok with the Van Den HUl. Can be faster and more accurate therefore hunting for XLO & Tara Labs... Advices are greatly welcome!
I always try cheap tweaks with iso. and pc. before I goto an expensive IC upgrade. I have many many toys to play with, and by the way, a lot of them are unuse, s I will be happy to try them out and use them if I could, before I buy any $500 IC.
People please give advice ~! I need to order my cable ~! PLEASE HELP
I switched to XLO Ref 2 Interconnects and Type 5, I beleive it was in my system, I was using Tara labs and Audioquest. But found the XLo was as fast as the Audioquest and but with the Warmth of the Tara. Hope that helps,


Pass Labs Aleph 2 mon's and Pre-amp
Electro EMC-1