Have I gotten complacent?

I’ve not made any changes to my system since 2015 and I mentioned to someone that I’m done, my system is great, and no point in changing anything. Oh sure, if something needs repair, that’s a different story and my very old Linn Arkiv B cartridge can’t last forever. But when I said I was done, the person said I have become complacent (which may not be a bad thing). Does anyone think I’m seriously missing the boat? Take a look at my profile for my gear. Tell it to me straight- good, bad or ugly is all ok. 

Thanks and and let me get back to listening (The Nightfly at the moment; before that some Kenny Burrell) 
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No need to look up your system, zavato. Once you know your dialed in, no one else can, or should, convince you otherwise.

The hard part is overcoming the urge to upgrade and tinker. 

I'd like to think that I'm where you're at, major equipment-wise, but I have to admit I've done a little tinkering with some High Fidelity MC-0.5 units and I must say, they made a nice improvement. Aside from a tweak or two, there's only enjoyment to be had.

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I don’t have the urge to upgrade/tinker and I really like what I hear out of my system. The two biggest things I’ve done in the last year are replace the front glass on a Mac tuner (typical Mac bubbling) and recapped a turntable power supply (45 rpm had gotten a tad funky). I guess the other person’s point is that you’re not a real enthusiast unless your constantly looking for newer/better gear. I’d rather spend my money these days on more music. 
To say that you're not a real enthusiast unless your constantly looking for new and better is to succumb to a pathology of your own making. You know what you're doing. 👍

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You are fine, know your system from previous post and we share a lot of things equipment wise. I am in a like position, other than replacing and repairing as things go down, I am done and feel great about it. Replaced VTL MB125s that were 20 years old with a pair of Quicksilver M120s and had my ZYX Universe rebuilt. I have assembled a very nice headphone set up for my home office in the last 2 years but have made no changes to my main system except the 2 mentioned. You, we are fine.
@zavato  I'm with you I've had my amp and preamp both over 10 years now, my speakers and dac both over two years now. Other than replacing a few tubes here and there I am pretty much done. Oh and my dac is out getting a cap upgrade, though I've had it two years its 24 years old. I like the sound I'm getting and no real plans to change/upgrade anything, except  to add a turntable next year
zavato ...

If you know Kenny Burell, nothing more is needed.

Very nice system, by the way.
I'm done too,unless something breaks.When my CD player bit the dust a couple of months ago I was more annoyed than excited about auditioning new gear.I just want to kick back and enjoy now,maybe a tweak or two once in a while.We can enjoy our hobby and continue to learn and discuss without constantly swapping components in and out.
I would probably be just fine if not for this darn forum and eBay.......
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What got us all into hi-fi was the music. Once your system is "good enough" for you (a personal decision), you can then focus on the music, rather than the sound of it. Your final days will be here before you know it (I can feel mine approaching ;-), so don’t squander your valuable listening time!
Thx Yogi.
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Zavato, your system is a dandy! Kudos for putting it together and the listening pleasure it brings you. Don’t change a thing. 
Not changing a thing! 
I had a similar path, on a tear for about five years, upgrading this, replacing that, but lately the pace of changes has come to a crawl!

I did purchase a Roon Nucleus Plus server a few months ago, the only change I'd made in a long time, over a year.

It's now time for me to relax and concentrate on the music!