Have I got it "right"?

I have developed an amplifier technology and a phono preamp that I have taken to the 'pre-product' stage and am looking for knowledgable listeners to critique so that I can improve my work.

I have a website with specs and like showing pre-production hardware. My goal is to get first article product in late March, now I want to finalize the sonics. That means I need smart ears to tell me what they hear (I subscribe to the "Every Mother's Baby's Beautiful" Principle so I have taken this work to point that I can no longer objectively trust my perceptions).

The epicenter of this is Austin, Texas and I would prefer proximity so I can meet you personally but the intranet video will do.

The first amplifier is for headphones, no feedback, Class-A, all current mode gain structure.

I am scaling the circuit up to a 50-watt version as a test concept amp (I have never seen this approach to a power amplifier and I have been at this 60 years). This will be available in 3 weeks for listening. I look forward to this because I have never heard such an amplifier topology on speakers, only headphones.

The phono preamp is called the Black Swan, resolution with fully adjustable front-panel real-time cartridge loading.

This is not about sales,, I can't take orders because I don't have the final cosmetics down. 

This is about making sure I got the sonics right.

Barry Thornton 512.266.7142 [email protected]

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Yeah for a good headphone amp. :)