Have Good DAC, Will This Work A Transport?

I really need a quality source suddenly, due to a change in situations. I have an excellent Bryston BDA-1 DAC available, and free access to a mint condition Sony DVP-9000ES DCD/CD/SACD player, that was used only a 3-4 hours a week, for a year before being stored.

These very well made units (28 pounds, all copper chassis, etc.) were modded heavily, and expensively, by Modwright, and also Vacuum State Electronics some years ago, so I suspect the transport must be good. I would appreciate your thoughts on whether this would result in high quality sound. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Alternatively, I could buy a transport for under $1k, but cannot find any units that can do SACD playback, which is necessary. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.
using the Sony as a transport only it will NOT play SACD ... you would have to use the internal DAC on the Sony when playing SACD

so you would connect a digital output to the Bryston AND the analog outs to a preamp analog input and use that source selection when playing SACD

hope that makes sense!
I would think that the sony would make a good transport. Only takes a quality coax cable to try it out. I also own the BDA-1 and it serves me well.
Highly doubt you will find a better transport than the Sony for less than $1000. I hope you realize the digital out from the Sony will not pass the SACD signal, only the CD layer if it is a hybrid disc.
If it is a Modwright Sony it would be an excellent transport, and with the tube mod it would sound great on its own.
I used to have the 9000ES. It was an OK unit. The only problem I had with it was that it made all of my other sources sound bad when it was plugged in. I was able to correct the problem with a JPS Digital AC power cord plugged into a line conditioner. If you are using an external DAC, I would recommend doing something similar.
Oops, forgot about the SACD limitation. I use my Arcam DVD137 in same fashion as described by Jrinkerptdnet.