Have anyone seen these speakers? Or system?

Just when you think that you have seen it all, from Wamms to Edgar Horns etc comes something that kinda shakes it all up. Not sure what the deal is here since the site is all in Japanese but this sure looks like the system to beat all systems, at least in a cage match:

King of Audio

Has anyone seen this? Have you ever seen anything more out there?
It will be interesting to see if I have nightmares or erotic dreams tonight. Perhaps both at the same time. Thanks a million!
Goodman vs. Godzilla -- which would win?!
Do not, I repeat...DO NOT drop acid while listening to these monsters!

Looks like something Gilbert @ Blue Circle dreamed up
I want to tow them behind my car!

AAGHHHH!!!!! They're chasing me!!!!

Thanks for the visual :^)
So that's what happened to Johnny Socko's flying robot!!
I assume the darker finished things to either side are the speakers, I'm just wondering what computer aided acoustic modeling program leads you to a silhouette of Kenny from South Park?
Some people have WAY TOO MUCH time on their hands.......


that takes the cake for strange systems...I wonder how it sounds
"Take me to your leader!"

Translated version

Click on the Menu above the photo to see even more.
Check out the Chairman !! Wow, how can i get a set of those for the dining room?
Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!!!
The translation is as funny as the picture.

man, this thing looks like it is gonna blast you into a billion particals with a quasar pulse canon.

good freakin luck getting this past the wife.
OMFG. ROTFLMAO. Actually, I think that's what my wife thinks my gear looks like.
If you check the pull down menu at top, you'll see that these objects are ART, and obviously non-functional. Check out "Queen of Auto" and you'll see this awesomely cool sculpture on display outside a building. The real question is, how long before we see this guy's work in a Burger King commercial?
I'm not so sure that you are correct. They are ART for sure, but a bad translation of the text discusses some of the technology that he uses in these. There is a Thorens turntable inside the chest of the King of Audio. The speakers are Goodman Axxioms and there is some discussion of a CD player being in one of the legs. I don't think that just because they are designed with an overall aesthetic purpose in mind dismisses their functionality.