Have any of you used this Cable Goop?

Referencing the feed back from this string :https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/cable-goop-review-george-is-going-to-freak?highlight=Cable%2B...
And several chimed in about Sibilant 22A and this 1260 stuff.

Question is have any used this goop and what were your findings?Mad Scientist Contact Enhancer.

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If you haven't already maybe click on this link and scroll through the pages that come up and see if you get some info you are looking for

Check the other 3 threads HELLO!!
@ebm  facten was helpful you not so much

Poor people are too poor to afford this. But on another note, how many opinions do you need? 5 pages aren't enough?
NPS 1260 tweak of the year