I haven't sold hardly anything in a month, is anyone else having that problem,or is it me........autospec
I guess there could be an email issue although I have not had any problems, have been getting emails regular.

Jerry, if he has a email problem then you could just try just replying direct to their ad with a public reply so that they and everybody should see it, be polite but state your facts.

Good luck
I sold a Benchmark DAC3, Benchmark AHB2 amp, and Audience 1+1 V3 speaker for 60%-90% of what I paid. This was in the last 60 days. I guess if you have in demand items and the overall cost is not prohibitive your items will move for a good price.
Added a public friendly 'nudge' to say he has a message. Hopefully he wants to sell to someone even if they have no feedback (he has 1 - everyone has to start somewhere!). I know that if I was selling an item worth that much, I'd be all over my messages!
Hope that works Jerry.

Although tbh I have come across sellers on here who just do not seem to care about selling at all.

I have had instances where messages not replied to and even ignored with the public nudge, then it is just time to say bye!

Good luck!