I haven't sold hardly anything in a month, is anyone else having that problem,or is it me........autospec
I guess there could be an email issue although I have not had any problems, have been getting emails regular.

Jerry, if he has a email problem then you could just try just replying direct to their ad with a public reply so that they and everybody should see it, be polite but state your facts.

Good luck
I sold a Benchmark DAC3, Benchmark AHB2 amp, and Audience 1+1 V3 speaker for 60%-90% of what I paid. This was in the last 60 days. I guess if you have in demand items and the overall cost is not prohibitive your items will move for a good price.
Added a public friendly 'nudge' to say he has a message. Hopefully he wants to sell to someone even if they have no feedback (he has 1 - everyone has to start somewhere!). I know that if I was selling an item worth that much, I'd be all over my messages!
Hope that works Jerry.

Although tbh I have come across sellers on here who just do not seem to care about selling at all.

I have had instances where messages not replied to and even ignored with the public nudge, then it is just time to say bye!

Good luck!
My most recent experience on here suggests that some members just do not truly want to sell their item at all.

Without naming I found an integrated amp very interested in here at a fair price, cross checking on eBay showed same amp/seller but $200 LESS than he had on here.
I sent a message asking if he could do a better price right here as an eBay sale would cost him near $300 in fees alone and as he was already $200 less there they could afford to cut a break on price here AND still net more for their item.

Their reply was terse and simply said they thought my negotiating tactics were very strange!

Say what? I was trying to get the guy some more money, and save myself a few dollars I admit, but how odd!

Some people just cannot be reached it seems!