Have Aesthetic Rhea. Calypso and Atlas Amp Have 12k budget for speakers. Recommendations

First time post. Turning 50 this year and I've always wanted a high end audio system. Looking for speakers either used or new that will handle My Aesthetix gear listed. Room is 20 x 25  8ft ceilings. I listen to all types of music but 70s and 80s rock/heavy metal is what I listen to mostly. I know Vandersteens match well, but looking for further insights

Thanking you in advance for your insight
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I'd go with Tekton Moabs, and Audiokinesis Swarm subwoofers. There are few speakers in that range can touch the Moabs, and none with the awesome bass of a Swarm. Then I would put the remaining $4k into Perfect Path Solutions Total Contact and E-cards, Synergistic Research HFT, ECT, and Orange Fuses. That'll be one hell of a high end system. Effortless awesome screaming rock, and the deepest tightest bass you ever heard.
With a room that big, I’d be thinking large Magnaplaners or maybe Klipsch K-horns. On the other hand, Tyler Acoustics makes some really nice giants and has free shipping.
Emerald Physics open baffle are well worth checking out. I have KCIIs with upgrades that are fantastic, but their bigger models with 15" woofers should rock
I don’t think Vandersteens are a good match for heavy metal. JBL should fit the bill!!
I had the same electronics as you (all Aesthetix) and they were a great match with my ProAc D40r speakers. You can see my room and system, needs a update, but pretty accurate.
I have the same electronics. I use Vandersteen Quatro. Love the combo. Don’t let anyone tell you Vandies can’t rock!
I had the Vandersteen 2Ci, 2CE signature 1, and Vandersteen 3A speakers and all weren’t great on Rock and Rock is my main preference.  I was told by others it is due to the first order crossovers.   There are much better speakers if you mostly listen to Rock. 
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