Have a U-Turn turntable with Ortofon 2M Red cartridge. Upgrade cartridge or turntable???

I have a basic U-Turn Orbit turntable with Ortofon 2M Red cartridge that was included. The Ortofon cartridge is good but is sounding worn; and, therefore am considering a Denon 110 high output MC cartridge which will work with this table. . The table sounds good, but at high volume, I can hear a old level hum, and build quality is just OK.  I am thinking of upgrading to a Music Hall's "Classic" turntable with its "Spirit" cartridge at $599.00 ( which is their in house spike  I never seen reviews about this table and cartridge combo )  This is just my initial consideration and far from final;, but, I  will gladly consider any recommendations in the same price range in the $500-$600 price range.

Thank you, and stay healthy and stay home


U-turn Orbit is very susceptible to room vibration. (Yes, I own one and have acrylic platter.) I built a suspended platform for the Orbit which transformed everything. Footfall not longer jars stylus out of groove. (Or, dancing wife) My HRS-12 Sunfire Sub no longer creates feedback. Changed from Ortofon Red to Blue and wow what a refinement! Highly recommend. With suspension platform I wonder how good can my cartridge go? This table obviously is entry level before platform upgrade. And still has severe limitations. But I wonder how much better cartridge could I use on this baby table? Ideas? 
@allears4u cartridge is extremely important and you can always find a better cartridge, i've been doing it many times :)) Read my first post in this thread, stylus profile is the key, Stereohedron is fantastic

To allears4U,

I bought an Aurelex TT platform from Music Direct for $80.00 and it works well with U-Turn Orbit. There is no footfalls vibration, or acoustic vibration ( as far as I can tell) I always thought the table sounded  good and right.

I decided to keep the table and bought an AudioTechnica VM95SH ( with shibata stylus)   I did not want to spring for the more expensive  AT VM540ML which has better specs. especially channel separation, but  the specs of VM95SH are respectful and "should" outperform the Ortofon 2M Red