have a sub question

which sub has tighter bass- the svs-pb-1000 or the hsu-vtf-1 mk2- thanks
"Forget svs & hsu. REL makes the best subs in the business."

I couldn't disagree more. In my experience and direct comparisons with a REL Studio III, its uniqueness is its shortcoming. Many powered subwoofers offer the option of inline high level speaker connection and with commonly used terminations.

Good subwoofer integration shouldn't draw attention to itself. You shouldn't even notice the sub until its turned off.
I can't speak directly to your question, but sealed boxes are generally (tho I can't say "always") tighter (as in more highly damped) than ported boxes. On that basis, you might want to substitute the SB series - rather than the PB - from SVS for your comparison.
Using a Dspeaker 8033C on my SVS 2039pc+ and the bass sounds great. Not bloated and no suck outs. I would think you would be very happy with a PB 1000/8033c combo.

Just my 2c
I would definitely say the svs, after reading all the hype about hsu on another sight, I ordered 1, lets just say that the hsu was not as advertised, I lost $69 dollars on shipping and then another $89 sending it back, I would sugest the svs as they cover shipping both ways. good luck