Have a 1200 MKII, good semi-auto alternative?

Hi all, I currently own a Technics 1200MKII that I picked up used from a record shop. It's in great shop and performs it's job well (no complaints really, current cartridge is a Denon DL-110) but since I've placed my record player in a different room than my stereo I'd like to find a decent auto, or semi-auto alternative so I don't have to pay too close attention to the record ending. I went with the Technics for reliability and direct drive quartz precision so would like to find something that could offer that up. I'd like to keep the budget around +/- $100 what the 1200 could likely fetch on the Audiogon market. As a reference I consider myself a mid-level audiophile, speakers are Dynaudio, amp is NAD, and using a Project phonobox se phono preamp. Thanks in advance for any advice!