Have 5 Talon Khites 2002. Which amp to use?

Theta Digital Dreadnaught or Intrepid; Classe CAV75 or 180; Integra Reasearch RDA-7; B & K Reference 7250; Bryston 9B THX... shall I go on? My budget is @ $5000 & would do 2 amps if neccessary (3 channel + 2 channel).
The Kites work very well with the Pass Amps you might consider the X 5. I am a Pass and Talon dealer and use the Pass 600's with the Khorus X and the Pass X 150 and 250 with the Kites.
Hard to go wrong with the Bryston...Pass is excellent as well just quite pricier.
I have run two Khites off of a Carver Cinema Grand, and it was very smooth sounding. No detail loss, it just sounded effortless.