Have 300b MB want a killer pair of Hi-Eff speakers

Looking to fill a 12'X25' room with a speaker that will do justice down to 38hz. Speakers must work 5+ feet from the back wall. May try to integrate a sub down the road,stand or floor mounted ok. 50's & 60's Jazz and vocals my pref. Gota be able to do the left handed piano keys and acoustic bass. Thank you in advance for your recomends!
Look at Tekton
Magic Ultimate II should do the left hand piano keys well.
Looking to fill a 12'X25' room with a speaker that will do justice down to 38hz.
minus what dB? How big? and how much money do you have to spend?

Because that is going to take a huge cabinet and/or horn to accomplish with any meaning output.
Zu Presence/ Def 2
Take a look my speakers Bacheaudio.com
i will sell for $2200 demo 2weeks free trail
Do you have 8w 300b or is it a push-pull 16w design?
I second Zu Def 2 - or, perhaps the soon to be released Def 3. My room is almost exactly your size, but with an 18' ceiling. I use a 300b SET.
Do yourself a favor and check out Sonist speakers!
Good Luck!!! Tish
Any speakers with PHY drivers...Ocellia comes first.... to my mind.
It seems we have similar equitment and musical taste. Is your 300b amp SET,parallel SET or push-pull?

Do you have a price range?

Very good choices mentioned so far, I use Coincident speakers and they`re superb They provide beautiful tone, dynamics and are exceptionally open and transparent, just really good with jazz and vocals.

Tonian Labs would be another brand to consider.

They`re lots of good high effictency/easy load speakers these days.
I'll second Prcinka's recommendation of a PHY - Ocellia speaker.

It depends on the amp how much power it is and its ability to output power into the load, many years ago I had a VAC Ren 70 with Watt Puppies and the amp drove the stuffings out of the WP!
Renmeister, was wondering what happened to you....At this time I have nothing new for you, as I have stated it all on the other thread you started. Good luck in your search....MrD
You could buy a pair of Omega's Hoyt-Bedford Type 1's for $795./pair, which are terrific speakers at an incredibly low price and then buy two Hoyt-Bedford Type 3's which are subwoofers at $700 each and can double as stands for the Hoyt Bedford Type 1's. The Type 1's are 97dB and you will have one hell of a speaker system which is very tough to beat for the price. As a bonus the Hoyt-Bedfords are beautifully finished.
Prcinka's recommendation. There is a pair on Musical Affairs Grand Crescendos for sale here now at a nice price. (Korea) I did have the "pleasure" of listening to a pair recently, although paired with a Leben CS 600 which was much more power than they needed, to be sure, tho very excellent! I use 300b/45 set amps, so I chose the Beauhorn Virtuoso with Lowther DX4 rated @ 105. Some complain of their lack of extreme frequency representation at both ends. I am very happy. With my most quiet music AND if had been recorded at low volume , I have tried my 45's to almost top volume in my small apartment. For you? 300b+MAGC=:)

I Suggest a pair of Avantgarde Trios with a stack of bass cabinets. That will only put you back about $150,000.. but you did say you wanted "killer."

I don't know if this still holds true, but back in March Renmeister said he had
"an $8k budget for speakers give or take a thousand"
. But, he has an interesting criterion in that
...speaker that will do justice down to 38hz (AND) must work 5+ feet from the back wall.
I think, true 38Bhz performance, not -6dB or more down, without wall/boundary enhancement is pretty hard to do without lots of power(or really high efficiency), self-powered woofers, or fairly large horn-loading cabinets.

In case others are wondering, it seems Ren's latest reference point is Avantgarde Uno's which have a self-powered (250watt) dual 10", long throw, subwoofer cabinet in each speaker that covers 18 - 350 Hz.

Bass wise, that's a tough act to follow with 300B powered speakers placed 5+ feet away from the nearest wall.
Yet another recommendation for a PHY based speaker. If you want true bass down to 38, you probably want to use a speaker with a 12" PHY. The Tonian Classic 12 fits the bill. There are other very good PHY based brands but I've always been drawn to Tony's speakers and the way he integrates the PHY driver with his modified supertweeter. PHY speakers are not cheap but I find they are worth the additional cost.
There's been a lot of PHY suggestions (I myself want a pr after hearing an Ocellia) but has anyone heard a side by side comparison between the Tonian vs. Ocellia speakers? There are more people that seem to own Tonian, is it becasue they are made in USA and Ocellia made in France?

In my case it was because I had the chance to demo the Tonians at a Trade show. Given the amount of $ PHY speakers cost, I could not justify buying one without listening to it first. Since Tony is based in Southern California and is the US PHY distributor, it makes sense that more people here probably have a chance to listen to his speaker vs. the others. Tony also sells cheaper (Fostex) based speakers so I think he also gets folks who like the Fostex trading up to the PHY and AER based models over time.

What is the crossover point from the PHY driver to the ribbon tweeter?`ve read that it`s seamless.

How is this speaker with acoustic(non amplified) jazz instruments?
GR Research Super V.

My understanding is that since Tony is using a Supertweeter the X-over is in the neighborhood of 15Khz. It's seemless because the PHY is essentially running as a full range single driver with the supertweeter adding some sparkle on the very top end.

The reason I purchased the Tonians is because unamplified Classical music (symphonies and chamber music) is my reference and I thought the Tonians did this better than any other speaker I heard at the Trade show (Last year's California Audio Show in Northern California).
Thanks for the information, I had no idea a 12 inch driver could perform that far up the frequency range. It`s sad that the maker of this great driver, MR. Bernard Salabert has recently passed on. He was a one man operation(for the most part) with PHY-HP, I hope the company is able to carry on without his brilliance.
I was unaware that he had passed. Thank you for the update. I also hope plans were made to keep the PHY product continuing in his absence.
Klipsch Cornwall
Coincident Triumph Extreme II might be worth a listen.
Not knowing your budget, I would suggest any of the offerings from Horning on the high end. For more modest budget I think Pi loudspeakers (e.g., Pi Four) are a great value. Lots of PHY recommendations here, and I agree that they are a good choice - I enjoyed owning the Ocellia Tilias. But be careful, if your amp only has 4 and 8 ohm taps you may have a slight mismatch when trying to drive a 16-ohm PHY.