Have $3000...what would you buy?

I have $3,000 credit at my local "music" (NOT HIFI) store which store sells all Apple products, Benchmark DACs, active speakers and headphones. I really don't need anything at this point. Which of the above-listed products are the most attractive to you? My idea is to offer new/unused product, at a fair discount, to the Agon student-body.
Mytek Stereo192-DSD DAC Black preamp version or Antelope Audio Zodiac DAC, Beyerdynamic 880pro headphones...
If they offered you a debit card style credit, sell it. You should be able to recoup at least 70-75% of the face value.
Well you do not 'have' $3,000.
You can borrow $3,000 worth of stuff, and pay it off over time.
IF you really need someting, and cannot hold off buying it, then get what you really need.
The fact you are ASKING what to blow $3,000 on because it is burning a hole in your (imaginary) pocket means you do not need it.
Why waste the money on crap* you do not need?
(* true it is not really crap, but it may as well be... LOL)
From one who has been there, done that.. then regretted it.
Can I be that student budy of yours:-)?
85 tickets to the symphony?
Why are people assuming the OP is referring to a credit card with a $3000 limit instead of having $3000 in store credit?
Synthfreak: you are correct. My error.
Forget what I posted, please.
As for getting stuff to just sell to use up credit.. it is not too practical.
Find something you can use.
Many stores offer store credits in the form of debit cards.
Easy, get three 11 inch Macbook Air Laptops for $999 each. You can quickly sell them for around 800 bucks apiece to our community since they are never really discounted. You might even decide to keep one for yourself.
Three Air Laptops is the way to go.
Dear BillMc and Buco-Now, you're getting it. So, you think the "Air" is the product? I was thinking a Benchmark Dac and a couple Mac "minis" (because it seems the audiophile community likes the "mini" best). Let me know your thoughts, fellows, and I'll proceed. Thanx for your help.
A lot of people here seem interested in DACs.
Stand outside the store.Wave at potential customers and shout SALE SALE SALE. Exchange your ticket for their money. You can be a value added sales person by giving the advice we give you here. The store will then hire you as a premium employee. Wait three months Get laid off because the store is not marketed correctly. Draw unemployment.
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