have 1080i dvd player why need reciever with HDMI?

1. Been looking at my options for surround sound all the new recievers have HDMI input and outputs...does using the HDMI input on the reciever from the DVD player eliminate having to have an upconverting dvd player?
2. My player only has left right audio outputs, does hooking the HDMI cable to the reciever now give me 7.1 surround sound?
3. From the reciever HDMI output do I then run the cable into the TV ? Duhhhh .

Can someone explain to me how this works
The latest receivers today have upsampling circuitry built-in. They can upsample video signals from DVD's and other video sources. Yes, having a receiver with upsampling capability negates the need to have an upsampling DVD player. Just connect the DVD output (e.g. component video output) to the receiver and the resultant video output would be 1080i via the receiver's HDMI output, which is then connected to your HD capable TV with an HDMI input.

If your DVD player has an HDMI output, then the receiver will be able to decode and output 7.1 surround sound if your software has it. Remember, the HDMI cable carries both video and sound from your DVD player to your receiver. No need to connect your DVD player's 2 channel audio output to the receiver.

Hope that helps,

1. HDMI is just a connection, it does not upscale by itself. Aisip is right, though, that most new receivers have upscaler functions. I just need to clarify that HDMI and upscalers are separate entities.

2. If your player does have HDMI out to your receiver's HDMI in, that should give you 5.1/7.1.

3. Yes. So you need 2 HDMI cables. Player --> Receiver --> TV.
Thanks guys....