Hats off to Seasick Steve

Saw Seasick Steve perform live in a TV show a few moments ago and feel like I have just been hit by a train! I had never heard this "weird" guy with his cigar box guitar before and never thought it could be of much interest. Wow, was I wrong. This was so incredibly energetic, pure, raw, authentic. I've ordered the latest cd straight away, can't wait to rev up the system and play it loud.
Karelfd, great post! The guy absolutely has talent. There are vids of Seasick Steve at YouTube so Audiogon members can hear and see what Steve is all about.

One YouTube news clip says there is an album in the works with he and The White Stripes.

If that happens I'll sure buy it.
This guy is crazy like a fox. I ordered one of his CD's. If the music is half as good as the samples, I'll buy more. Great Post.
I find his guitars and the tone gets from the to be even more fascinating than is music/performance. I saw him on Jools Holland, and also here. He gets amazing results from crap instruments.
It would really be funny if he is actually a well-to-do suburbanite from Oshkosh.
I really like this Seasick Steve and I am going to buy some of his stuff.

Yoiu may also like The Brokeoffs,


who's lead singer now performs with Holly Golightly.
Ever been to Oshkosh? Used to live there. While attending college it was party time, much of the time! Fun place.