Hate fireplace in home theater room

I have a room with a fireplace in middle. Ideal place for a large tv display - ie in front of the unused fireplace. Can’t put above mantel as it would be too high. Room size of 22 x 14 is a nicer size for high end speakers vs smaller den room.
Curious if anyone has placed a screen in front of an unused fireplace. Platform is 12 inch above floor so center spkr would be placed on floor and angled up. Flat screen could be raised to 18 inch above floor level.
Thanks for any comments.

A friend has had it for 20 years. Works out good. Build a shelf behind the mantle for ctr spkr, cable or receiver box and BluRay
He used to have Tandberg R2R there but as we know they weren't built to last.
I have this fingertouch drop-down TV mount for a 2.1 FR audio system that includes the flatpanel TV, the TV cab be above the fireplace that permits it to be dropodd  down to optimum viewing level ( and fingertouch slide back up over the fireplace when not in use)


My late aunt in London claimed that every British home had to have fireplace (many of them had just a bulb imitating fire). In US, I do have fireplace, but almost never use it. It is a toy, wasting energy. I went to fireplace store and asked about better efficiency. They told me that in order to get efficient heating I need an "insert" and redo of the chimney (expensive). This should get me 60k BTU, about the same as my gas furnace can deliver now. Too much for me.|

Audio gear in front of fireplace looks weird, I agree, but perhaps there is some way to mask it. I have the same problem, hoping to move to larger living room without it.
I hate fireplaces. Can you tear it down?
I love fireplaces and cringe when I see a flat screen TV over the mantle. Seeing one in front of the actual fireplace seems even worse. If you never use it, you should probably just have it removed.