Hat's off to the room treatment camp.

gotta give the room treatment camp a big thumb's up for pushing me into getting it done. i'm a wanna-be audiophile who steps into the ring every 5-7 years and re-does his system. in between gear upgrades, i more or less do nothing and just enjoy. i should be slowly disappearing off the radar here soon as i've just about completed this round of upgrades.

came out like a locust earlier in the year and started gobbleing up gear and spending money as usual. however this cycle was unique in many ways. i went from kinda-hi-fi to true-hi-fi and jumped into the relm of speaker cables, ic's, power cords and power supply. went one step further and tackled vibration isolation as well. learned alot from many agoner's and took my system to new heights. spent a small fortune along the way too.

all the while i understood that at some point....room treatments had to be addressed. wasn't really looking forward to the task because it didn't involve receiving big heavy box's and shiny new toys.

just finished my treatment project and can only say wow! it was like that tiny sprinkle of garlic that takes an already good dish to a new level. heavy drapes, 6 acoustic panels, foam corner traps (bookcase issue) and a heavy pad under my area rug did the trick....and it all cost under $600 total!.

only wish i had done it sooner. for other greenhorns like me who are trying to get the most bang for your buck....don't skip/put off this step. listen to some of these guys around here and take care of your room early or first. worth every penny and then some.

Took a look at your system. Looks great. Just one suggestion. You might want to cover up that TV screen while you are not watching video. The reflection off that big piece of glass isn't good for audio.
sidssp is right on, cover the tv.
I cover my TV with a black comforter I bought at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for about $35. Makes a noticeable difference. Kills reflections off the screen. (I'm sure you could find an audiophile version for under $500!)

As for room treatments, I'm convinced they make up to 50% difference in ANY system when used properly.

Good luck!
forgot to mention my big heavy towel guys. good point though. just added 2 ceiling panels that i forgot to list to. have a hardwood ceiling that need some help. your only as good as your weakest link. i think i've covered all my bases?.
Lev, just a carpet wasn't enough, a thick pad made a noticeable difference? btw, I use a blanket to cover the tv, too.
Lloydc: my area rug was very thin. it rests on ceramic tile which is on a concrete slab. i put the pad in the same day as i did the ceiling panels and noticed smoother highs. can't say for sure if it was the pad or the ceiling panels that helped most but for $58....i thought it was a good base to cover.

this much i can tell you regarding the pad...it's much more comfy to walk on and warmer on the feet this time of year =)