Has VTL gone out of business?

I have tried to call them and no answer, and they don't reply to emails. The website doesn't look like it's been updated in a while. Does anyone know? I was excited about the 5.5 mk2 preamp but now I'm not so sure.
Aball, it's always good to see old familiar members from the past posting here. Makes it feel more like the "old" Audiogon. As you probably know, VTL has had a non-customer friendly and non-responsive reputation. I don't think they are out of business but am not certain. I use to have one of their preamps and could not get them to respond to email questions I had. Maybe others will have more concrete information on VTL. Good luck!
I have found the exact opposite with their service and response. I never seem to have a problem reaching Bea Lam when needed.

Try 909-627-5944 or [email protected]

I know that Luke and possibly Bea will be at Brooks Berdan, LTD in Monrovia, CA today for the LA/OC Audio Society showcasing their new Sig Monoblock amps.....

Don't lose faith in the 5.5 mk2. I'm sure it's a fantastic line stage!
aball, these are small companies and when they travel to shows/demo's they can't always be around the phone. It's also why they have dealer networks to help with customer service. Who knows, maybe they answered the call before you and just couldn't get to your call.

However, I hear you about the website, that's a simple thing to do...and helps their buying public...
Their website requires you to contact them to find a dealer. In this day and age, is it that hard to answer a simple question? If I were a business owner selling expensive products, I'd be answering calls and emails on my iPhone as I'm eating a sandwich while waiting for my flight to take off.

I will try Bea Lam. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hey Foster9, yes indeed, I know what you mean about the old Audiogon! Good to see you again as well.