Has this happened to you? How can it be stopped?

Well this question is for fun but also kinda serious too.

Have you felt the urger to buy a vintage piece of audio gear when you really didn’t need it? Have you felt that this is an addiction and how can it be stopped?

I have Marantz 2235 receiver in my office, a Sansui 1000x in my bedroom, a Realistic STA-52b in my spare bedroom and Yamaha RX-V995 in my wifes sewing room and a Yamaha RX-V690 in the garage with various vintage speakers connected to all of them. I already have two complete audio systems in my audio room.


When does the madness stop? My wife tells me I have an audio problem!?!



It's difficult to impossible to support an emotional argument with a pragmatic approach.  "Vintage" to some is "old" to others.  While "old" is factually correct, it falls short in defining all the elements of our attachment to "vintage" gear.

Owning competent examples from the time period when we discovered the magic of high(er) quality sound in our lives is very rewarding to some.  These were "the best of the best" if the equipment available at the time.  Well, within our price range anyway.  

One contributor expressed his attachment to his vintage car.  Yes,, I  too have a "feel good" moment when I pull the car cover off one of my sixties "hot rods".  Even though my daily driver is quicker, faster, handles better, and, of course, much safer. 

If it makes you smile when the needle drops or the cassette tape spins -- mission accomplished.

I love a lot of the old vintage stuff too, but here are 3 things that would stop me from buying them.   1) Much of the old gear doesn't sound good by today's standards; 2) Much of the stuff you can buy wasn't well taken care of and is only suitable for a "scratch and dent" sale; 3) After 25 years or so the capacitors will have dried out. Many of the ICs and transistors are no longer made so can't be replaced. It could cost you hundreds of dollars to get the stuff repaired if you can find a good tech. Good ones are a dying breed.

I bought an older Adcom amp a few years back and a few of the output transistors went - no longer made. Now, it's an expensive boat anchor.