Has this happened to you?

I have been a buyer/seller an Audiogon for about a year-and-a-half now. So far, I have received nothing but positive reviews as a buyer and a seller. I only sell known good gear and even above and beyond the 7/14 day buyback policy I do whatever it takes to make things right with my buyers. However, two months ago I sold a working amp to a buyer. Just recently I got a message saying it hums. So, I suggested the usual troubleshooting tips and was waiting for the results before I decided to buy it back or fix it (if it was in fact even broken). Instead I get my first negative feedback including a statement to the effect that I knowingly sold a defective amp. I disputed the feedback and it is now under review. I sent a subsequent message to the buyer stating I would buy it back or fix it and pay the shipping. If it turned out to be not broken he would incur the cost of the shipping. Sound fair enough? So far I have not heard back from the buyer. Meanwhile my rating has dropped from 100% to 83%. I'm thinking the dispute should be resolved in my favor. I'm sure some of the rest of you have had similar experiences to this? I mean it's not the end of the world I suppose but still.....
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Never be the first one to leave feedback.
+1 sfall. 

How many days later did your buyer notified about the problem after receiving the item?  
Did you by chance follow up with the buyer after he received the item? 

Some of the older amps have ground loop issues which can be easily fix by removing the ground pin on PC. 
First, I would contact Audiogon and explain the situation. They are aware of such things and can help you sort things out.
Second, I, too have heard of buyers doing such things.
The buyer of my Vandy 3a sigs had someone do much the same thing. The worst part was that he didn't notice the negative feedback until it was too late to respond.
Third, if none of the above results in a positive resolution, then explain to future buyers what you have experienced. In my case, I accepted my buyer's description of what happened, and felt he deserved the benefit of the doubt.
- And, yes, he deserved it.
Thanks for all the replies, folks. The buyer finally responded to my email and is willing to take my advice as regards grounding issues and is willing to revise his feedback rating.

for me it's substantially simpler:

1. used amp can get technical problems any time from purchase and cannot be guaranteed.

2. most likely you get bad feedback removed by admins and no need to hassle buying back and paying extra shipping.

Good to hear whitesmoke.
Most people here are good and honest folk.
Follow the 'Golden Rule' and 99% of the time you will be okay.
You are correct Bob!
@sfall +1!!! I feel real strange when buyers of my goodies forget to leave a feedback. I do not buy or sell often, 20years ago I settled onto all-Naim rig and since then spend all my "allowances" on music. 
These last few years I got myself a new hobby of reviving 1st Gen Discmans, sell some of them when my drawers overflow (on eBay under the same username, Audiogon is too Hi-End for such lowly spinners). Got myself a few friends, but a few buyers are just crazy/delusional/illiterate!!! 
@whitesmoke, do not go overboard with free shipping etc. You just got yourself one of "those" buyers, call Audiogon and do your best to forget the experience... Most folks are good and decent, esp in our hobby; but the keyword here is "most", not "all"
I have never had a bad experience buying or selling on Audiogon.

I sold my old MAC6700 receiver to a very nice guy in Texas.  The shipment apparently was delivered in a really hot time, and the bubble wrap around the remote melted.  So I ordered and sent him a replacement remote, new from McIntosh.

He told me a sad story of one of his last Audiogon purchases, the box arrived and instead of containing an amplifier, it contained phone books.  This guy had to go thru the legal channel and eventually got his money back.
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