Has this ever happened to you? ----Long

I had an old NAD 3155 integrated over 20 years old laying around, basically unused since the 80's. My every day system was down because I recently sold my integrated (Plinius 9200) and I had another integrated on order (Dussun V8i). During the 6 weeks while I waited for the new integrated to be delivered I decided to bring the NAD to life as an office system. I was missing not having any music. I had some old Tara Labs Prism speaker cables laying around, and I recently purchased an Acoustic Zen Matrix RefII IC I needed to break in for the new integrated. All I needed was speakers and a cdp. Checked the classifieds and found a Cayin CD 15B cheap, and decided on some Energy exl 26 floorstanding speakers I found for cheap as well. Waited for the gear to arrive and hooked up my office system. Used Walker SST on all cables except the PC. Played around with various PC's on the cdp and read about the Wiremold power strip recommended for NAIM gear and decided to purchase one from Allied Electronics. Put that in the system and after some break in and settling, this system has more synergy than any other system I ever had! The Energy speakers have extreme clarity, detail, surprising in fact, with solid bass. Now, after a month and a half the new integrated is here for my main system, and I'm enjoying the office system so much that I'm not even motivated to setup my new system.I have all this new gear:new Acoustic Zen Satori Shotguns SC's, Reference Matrix II IC's, a new Audience PC and a new Dussun V8i. This has proven to me just how powerful system synergy is; no matter matter whether it's a mid-fi setup or high end one! My new mid-fi second system is really singing and has created a malaise towards my new gear and my every day setup. Has this ever happened to you?
Yes it has. Makes you crazy.
"There;s no place like home...There's no place like home...there's no place like home...."

I have a set of the energy exl26's. For moderate volume listening they are absolutely fantastic. I ran them with a MC352 for a few weeks and it was almost freaky how well they filled the room. I am not using them now, but I'll never get rid of them. Just goes to show you what good component matching can do.
"Mr. Smith, please report to Matrix portal XR712EGH-12.
Foster unit failure to comply with audiophile "More is more" subroutine 24R.3.
Mr. Smith, do you copy?"
just confirms that the term high end has NO rhyme or reason when it comes to enjoying your music. i spend as much time listening to my second system which cost 10% of the so-called main system.....i love them both, but my favorite records don't know how much things cost or what reviewers say......they just spin.
I have a "second" small system in my smallish beach house consisting of a Jolida 102B (EL 84 push pull) and a pair of Spendor S 3/5's and a 20 year old Magnavox CD 650 CDP and every time I listen I just scratch my head in amazement. I get more pleasure than sometimes with my much more expensive main rig back home.