Has the wool ever been pulled over YOUR eyes?

This post is in reference to a thread I posted in this section regarding MSB Link DAC III break in. Please read this thread to get an overview...

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Back again...

To update my situation, I spoke with MSB to find out exactly what components were to have been included in the Link III half Nelson upgrade and made a list of the specific items. I opened up the unit and discovered that there HAD in fact been some parts upgrades HOWEVER the parts that were NOT what MSB specifies. The distributor, who claims to be certified to do the upgrades, stated that the parts that were used were, in fact, higher quality than the ones specified by MSB. Regardless of whether or not this is the case, the parts used were still NOT what MSB specifies, and, as a result, the sound characteristics of the unit are not those of a half-nelson link dac III (because as we all know, any change in parts can result in a wide variance in sound). Further, the fact that one particular item may be more expensive than another does NOT mean that it will work as well in the given application.

Four of the five items that were to be upgraded were incorrect. The WIMA caps were not installed; ERO caps were used (in one stage). Supposedly ERO caps are better quality, but I am skeptical (although admittedly, I'm not an electronics technician/engineer). What I can say, however, is that the ERO caps had lower-end specs than the WIMAS. The OP amps were not by Linear Techologies as MSB specifies, but were some unknown brand. The OP amp Caps were not WIMAS, but again, some unknown brand. And finally, the resistors were not Caddock resistors, but supposedly Vishays (which as apparently better), although still not what MSB specifies. Effectively, this is not the Half-Nelson upgrade, but in fact the 'distributor's' upgrade. NOT THE SAME THING.

Although some of these upgrades may in fact be better in theory than what MSB specifies, I believe that all parts have to work in a synergistic fashion for optimal performance and this 'parts switching' does not complement the other parts of the Link DAC III.

I am very disappointed in the attempt to having the 'wool pulled over my eyes', regardless of the 'favour' the distributor was attempting to claim. Also, I was disappointed with the treatment I received from the distributor - the sheer leering arrogance and sense of condescension I experienced was terrible. MSB should strongly reconsider the Canadian distributor for their product or at least make it clear that upgades should follow MSB specification.

Hell, if at a restaurant I order chicken, I expect chicken, not fish (regardless of whether or not fish is 'better for you').

You are absolutely correct, and the customer is always right. The distributor is dead wrong on all counts. He should be immediately removed from all further mods, and all his mods should be recalled for inspection.
Too bad Loose, we all get sheared now and then. Can you say baaaaa?

Recently I got a "mint condition" AES/EBU interconnect on eBay: hmmm, this is odd, the XLR is rotating freely at one end but it won't come apart. Well, after destroying the connector to free it, I found somebody had yanked on one end so hard that the XLR, the conductors and the strain relief had stretched and separated from the shielded sheath. I suppose that CAN happen and you might not know it. It certainly wasn't visible from the outside. BUT, to add insult to injury, to make up the difference the XLR was filled with hardened hotglue!
Distributors are starting to earn a bad reputation around here.
...as is ebay...
You may want to consider contacting MBS and asking them to make the unit the way you want, or send you a new one. We are not talking about cheap stuff here. High end manufactures know that people who invest in gear of this quality and price range means we are very particular in our selection and requirements.It is their responsibility to see that their "factory agents" perform repair and upgrades to factory specification. Its not the consumers job to be engineers, all we should have to do is pay for it. Then be able to sit back and enjoy.