Has the Plinius 9200 been reviewed?

Does anybody know if the Plinius 9200 integrated amp been reviewed? I am thinking of purchasing this amp but would like to get some feed back. Your comments are appreciated.
The new integrated ? There was a review in HiFi News & RR (UK) by Martin Colloms.

He concluded that the amp is medicore at best, and he is the guy who usually knows what he is talking about.
Yes, check May, 2004 issue of HI FI Review.
I receive the Plinius newsletter which is distributed by Plinius to Plinius owners periodically. In the last issue Plinius director Gary Morrison essentially said that he did not understand why the 9200 received such a negative review. He suggests that the review sample was either not sufficiently run in or was not given time to warm up. As all Plinius owners are aware the amps take time to run in and also perform best when left continually powered up. I've not heard the 9200 however I simply cannot believe that this amp is as bad as Mr Colloms says.

I have owned the Plinius 8100, 8150, 8200MKI, 8200MKII, and now own only the 9200. In my opinion the 9200 is easily the most magical model of the lot. I would also give the nod to the 9200; as compared to the sonics of the Plinius cd-lad and sa-100mkIII pre/amp combo. Though I cannot say why that particular review had the results it did - I can only say that the price-to-performance ratio of the 9200 is among the best of any gear I've encountered.
I heartily endorse Simple's remarks. Both the 9100 and the 9200 are absolutely fantastic. I've heard the driving a wide range of speakers and the have bettered separates costing 4 times as much

You would be doing yourself a serious disservice if you let that unfortunate review prevent you from hearing a true audio gem.

Audition one yourself!
Thanks for all your feed back. I auditioned the 9200 in my system driving Aerial loudspeakers. As sirius@hotmail had indicated, this is a little gem.I AM SOLD.
I have not seen the review article of the Plinius 9200 in Hi-Fi News, but I think it is impossible for that amp to get a bad review unless the reviewer used a sample that was not broken in. This amp is simply wonderful and highly musical, with tube-like performance. I use it with a Rega Jupiter 2000 and Spendor SP100s and it makes a perfect musical match. Its phono stage is also impressive. My P-25 TT has never sounded better. This integrated amp is so good you can forget about separates. I can only hope the upcoming Plinius cd player will be outstanding as well. Forget about reviews go for an audition and you'll find for yourself. Happy listening!
You need to read this it is a good info on the 9200. http://db.audioasylum.com/cgi/m.mpl?forum=amp&n=38704&highlight=9200&r=&session=
I have had the 9200 in my home a lot and it is great peace. I read the article Hi-Fi news and I thank it was not broken in like Wigbert had written. It is a sweet INTEGRATED AMP. The moon is the only one in that price that even close to it.
Have had a Plinius 9200 for about 2 weeks now. Have to agree with the responses above that this is a sweet amp. It does not seem at all picky with cabling or speakers- sounds fantastic with Meadowlark Kestrel 2s, Carolina Audio JTM speakers, and Equation 25s. It does a nice job of balancing warmth and resolution- just a lot of fun to listen to. Have not found warm-up to be that big an issue either. I was expecting the worst considering the HiFi News review and the numerous units for sale here. Very pleasantly surprised.
How hot does this unit run?
I leave my Plinius 9200 on, 24x7 and can place my hand on top of it without any issues. It's warmish, but not hot. Plinius products seem to sonically benefit from never turning them off and on frequently.
I've owned a Plinius 9200 for a year and leave it powered up 24x7 and strongly recommend doing that for best sonics as Simple says above.

I'm extremely pleased with the sound of the Plinius 9200. Be aware that it does have a long run in (burn in) for it to reach its peak and at that time it will show the limitations of weaker components in the signal chain. I ended up buying new speakers, Meadowlark Ospreys, and the combination resulted in a very good soundstage with excellent imaging, excellent overall timbre, and the best bass control I've ever heard. The soundstage is better than what I've heard at several dealers with equipment that costs a lot more than my system.