Has The Maker ever seen yours?

Has a designer or manufacturer of a piece of gear in your system ever actually paid a visit and checked it out? What'd they say? Were they helpful? Or were they vague due to other brands being in the mix, etc? Did ya feel like a proud Poppa?????

I think that it would be cool.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
Over the years several manufacturers have visited my home.

Richard Vandersteen (Vandersteen Audio)
Steve McCormack (McCormack Audio)
Jim Aud (Purist Audio)
Rich Riccio (Counterpoint)
Dale Pitcher (Essence)
Paul Weitzel (Tube Research)
Amedeo Schembri (Viva Electronics)
Garth Leerer ( Musical Surroundings)
AJ Conti (Basis Audio)

Within the next month I expect Jim White (Aesthetix), Garth Leerer ( Musical Surroundings) and Loyd Walker (Walker Audio).
Since I am the "maker" of over half of my gear, the "maker" hears and sees the stuff every day. He always gives an approving nod, and sometimes gives things an additional tweak or two. Does this count? :^)
Twl- Do you ever take yourself out for a drink??

FWIW I am often visited by Makers Mark if that counts :)
Tim, that was a good question for Twl. What we really want to know is, as a small manufacturer, does he expense account all of the times that he takes this "client" out for breakfast, lunch, dinner, entertainment, etc.. : )

I recently read in Bound For Sound that Brian Cheney of VMPS visited Marty at his house. Brian wanted to make sure that Marty had his newer "best of show" speakers properly set up. Not only was Brian very pleased with how Marty had them set up, he told him that it was the best that he had ever heard them sound. I know that this had to boost Marty's ego and swell his chest quite a bit. Not only was this a testament to Marty's skill as a "tweaker" and audiophile in terms of positioning them and then finding the right equipment to make them bloom, it told me that Marty really does know how to make a system "sing". I'm sure it also made Brian feel good knowing that his product was working as well as it was and that it would probably garner a good review because of it. Sean

Were you using equipment these people had manufactured? If so, what'd they say about the way it sounded with the other brands in the mix?


Do you sell the equipment you "make"? If so, have you visited your customer's home for a listen? Also, does it have a brand name?


I don't drink much bourbon, but I have passed out on Bourbon Street before.

Thanks all,

Albert, it sounds like you are host to a veritable "who's who" of audio. Most impressive! I have had several visits from Gilbert Yeung of Blue Circle - Gilbert makes a point of visiting customers to make sure things are working properly. He has always been a valuable source of information and has improved the quality of sound in my room and system immeasurably.
Almost fifty now means I"ve been around awhile. My first home was the most visited.. Late 70's early 80's. Peter Snell late of Snell Accoustics, Jon DahlQuist ya got to remember him. Matt Polk Of Polk Audio. Tom Holman of then Apt Holman and NOW... Dale Pitcher of Essence ...Brent Riehl of Sonoran Audio, Harmonic Precision, and some vino in between as well as a few BASS Ale's on the side. It has been a wonderful adventure.. Thanks for calling up the recollections... Tom..
Brad, no I don't sell any of my stuff. I just make it because I like to do things like that, and I like to save money. But if it doesn't come out well, I try again. The things that I cannot yet make myself, I buy.

If someone made an item of my design, I would be very interested in visiting them to see how it sounded in their application. I thought that might happen with the modified Voigt Pipes I made, but no one has made them so far that I know about. I have always made my ideas and designs known here on the forum for others to use if they want. I am not profit oriented, I just like music and gear, and like to help others benefit from my experiences if I can.
Brad, in answer to your question, yes I owned equipment from the manufacturer when they visited. I still own equipment and am friends with several of them.

There are WONDERFUL people in the manufacturing end of high end audio. Crazy audiophiles like us, but make enough money to buy all the cool stuff because their own products are successful.
I would say that I would buy a whole rack of Levinson, or even his newer Red Rose equipment (which I am not impressed with) if it would grace me with his presence for dinner... as long as he brings wife Kim Catrall along.

Albert, you are truly blessed to have such legends of HiFi come to your house.