Has sonic perfection been acheived?

Seen the new Jordan single driver?

not counting limited volume and bass below 80hz, where a sub would fit in, looks awfully good.
"not counting limited volume and bass below 80hz..."

This pretty much means its not perfect, or at least your definition of perfect is not perfect.
Cdc that's a helluva single driver to be only 2 inches in diameter!I would really like to get a listen at them. I wonder how they would sound laid out in some form of line array with multiple drivers using transmission line loading for the bass below 100 hz. That's if such a thing is possible.
I haven't seen it
Dlwask, LOL, the perfect definition of perfect, yea that's what I'm after. What is The Absolute Sound? I would offer that it's a single driver point source which can reproduce the entire FR from 20hz-20kHz with ruler flat FR. The little Jordan almost does that, from 80 hz to nearly 30kHz.

Gmood1, some folks at DIY Audio seem to describe what you mean. One guy, young something or other I think, reportedly has gotton the 3" T-B 871s down to 50hz with his cab design. It's only supposed to go to 110 Fs being 110hz. At $250/pr won't come cheap.
How are you coming with speakers any progress? Compared to Supravox these Jordans lok cheap.
Hi Cdc I just checked the main driver page and it does mention these drivers can be stacked in a line array.
I'm thinking that could be a serious speaker! Also a very expensive one too LOL. How much are these any way? Lately I've been concentrating on getting the custom Single Power unit finalized and completed by the designer. The CES show slowed the progress a bit. Maybe down the road I can experiment with some other wide range drivers. At the present I'm very satisfied with what I have.

Good listening
"Has sonic perfection been achieved?"

Only in the minds of some manufacturers.
Maximum output at xmax in a sealed box will be 76dB @ 80Hz, 88dB @ 160Hz, and it finally becomes useable with 100dB of output at 320Hz.

If you prefer your music at realistic levels you'll need either a cross-over in the middle of the human vocal range or a line array.
CDs have been offering perfect sound forever since about 1980.
Thanks Drew, very useful. How did you calculate those numbers?
So the purpose of a line array is to give more volume? How about more detail or bass extension?
Cwlondon oh yea, forgot about that one. What the heck are we all doing here :-).