Has something gone wrong @ Stereophile?

My subscription ran out.  Their renewal option on the website was broken, and now there isn’t one. I tried to start a “new” subscription, but it won't accept it unless automatic renewal is selected.  Sorry, I don’t authorize auto-renew if I can possibly avoid it, as a matter if policy - it can be a nightmare canceling those things. 

they’re asleep at the wheel, compared to the renewal bombardment reminders  from The Smithstonian.  I consider Stereophile quite entertaining.  Miss AD, won’t miss MF.  Wondering  if something has happened to them…?


I've been a subscriber since 1983!  Never missed an issue.  I get a renewal notice(s) about 6-9 months out every two years.

I've had a few issues destroyed by the Post Office, but Stereophile had always replaced them without question.

I’m pretty sure I heard a reviewer once say that the general practice in the industry is if they don’t like a product they just don’t publish the review and send it back. That’s why almost all reviews are a collection of positives and a listing of the attributes of the equipment. And then you have to read between the lines to determine how much the reviewer actually liked it.

Not to shift gears, but what do you all do with accumulated back issues.  I have complete issues going back several years of both TAS and Stereophile.  I would be happy to give them away if anyone wants them. PM me if interested.

a little further explanation about "positive reviews" . . . 


I have six reviews and twelve column per year.  Why would I waste precious words  telling readers about a less than wonderful product? 

If you read me regularly you can guess what pleases – and displeases – me without a review 

It is that simple



Hi Herb,

I have always had a high regard for your reviews and colorful, engaging narratives. Thank you for your contributions to the audio world.  Keep up the good work.