Has "politically correct" killed the used audio market?

Previously loved, slightly demo'ed....etc.  

Gosh, when I sell the old car I should not list it as "used" ....perhaps "formerly observed", "slightly touched",  "once considered",  "only driven by a Little Old Lady from Riverside, Ca."

But thankfully no items sold are "used" any longer, really helps my faith in the market.

"Creative writing and the Internet" should be a required course for all "Semi-liberal  arts" degrees"


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I’ve noticed when you’re buying, ‘it’s vintage- and they don’t build them like this anymore’

When I’m selling, ‘it’s 30 years old and could fail at anytime’
Whatever happened to second-hand?

There are marketing euphemisms and then there are PC-motivated name changes.

Personnel becomes Human Resources, Fundraising becomes Development, etc. etc.
The 20 year old at the bank is now Vice President of the branch with a card to boot. All salslesmen are associates... not only is my used audio used in a smoke free environment, it’s also drug and disease free.