Has new music gone down the tubes?

The demand for "old" music grew 14% in the first half of 2022 while the demand for new music dropped 1.4%. In the streaming world "old" music represents 72% of the market. Why does new music seem to be so bad compared to old/classic music?

I go though youtube sometimes and kids post videos of the first time they hear classics like the beatles, bob dylan, whatever and inevitable jaws drop. The music companies keep rereleasing old albums in new formats. Is it because todays artists just can’t "git er done"?

U.S. Music Catalog vs. Current Consumption



You can listen to the radio on your Mcintosh sound system in your Grand Wagoneer on 23 speakers in Dolby Atmos, now if you can only find a decent station on FM LOL

vs you could turn on the radio in your clunker in 1971 and more than half of the songs being played back then are still being played today:



The progress in music has been continuous since the cave man, although at a greater pace. Each generation identifies with stuff they grew up on. Each generation has some really great music to add.


I grew up, basically on The Beatles —-> rock of the early 70’s. I loved music. I became a Geologist… worked by myself and music was my companion. I found fussion jazz… then traditional jazz, then classical, then before I started traveling the globe extensively world, then electronic. I would dive into each and be overwhelmed with some of the best of their tine. After some thirty years or so, I rediscovered Rock. I found there were many great bands. I was later surprised to find some amazing and exceptional Hip-Hop and world fusion.

I now listen to streaming…. Which sounds as good as vinyl on my system. I find incredible new music from here and there all over the world. A great example is the Afro-Celt Sound System. While not recent… this kind of fusion goes on everywhere and with increasing frequency.

The increase in availability of great new music is unreal.

I think any indicators pointing to less great new music are flawed by looking at too narrow a selection of channels.

@ghdprentice , a lot in common but just a different order of distraction... *G*

While "...love, love me do..." (No...) was making the girls giddy, I was into Coltrane, Pentangle, and the Fugs.  Overlaid with the Firesign Theatre to make some sort of sense of it all....

Older brother was listening to Mitch Miller and Herb Alpert. :- l

I go to the market of late and either marvel or grin at the latest in Muzak Muzic, aimed at the 'us', whoever we is and 'soap bubble' in the aisles....

Run Away to Mars -TALK came up when the 2B$ lotto was pending...which I thought would be a way to avoid the pending onslaught to the (un)lucky one, but not currently available as yet.

Drain Bamage....Audio Version: Love it, can't shake it.... ;)

Music on the radio has aways mostly been awful as have most movies. Decade after decade. We only remember what we liked and (thankfully) forget the crappy stuff.

Down the tubes or down the soild state, there is plenty of great new music in the folk/americana genre.