Has Linn Gone Crazy? They Stopped Making Pre-Amps

This was recently announced, but as yet has not been covered on Audiogon.

Linn Audio has stated that they will stop manufacturing dedicated pre-amps:


So, is Linn Crazy Like a Fox, or Just Crazy...
There's no pain. I'm just disappointed because I realized that the Linn Exakt system has never been discussed (as far as I can tell) on this forum, and typed out a very long response to stir up a discussion. And then all I got was your post.

I know that people on here don't really like Linn, but this is an interesting topic whether you like Linn or not (in my opinion).
By the way, I'm not a shill (although I do own several pieces of low-end Linn gear, as you can see by clicking on my system link)
Interestng. Why do you say that that Linn is disliked here om the Agon forum?
That's just my general impression. I think most people prefer smaller, boutique companies and think that Linn is over-priced and over-marketed. Which, to some extent, is true.

A good indicator of the lack of interest in Linn is the fact that Linn's Exakt technology - which is a fairly big development - was announced back in 2013 but has never been discussed on this forum to the best of my knowledge.
I don't believe it is a matter of people innately disliking Linn. It is most probably people have found better sound quality and value with other products. It's an open marketplace with much competition. In my own experience some of the best sounding products are via the "smaller boutique" companies. I think most listeners appreciate new technology but ultimately it comes down to "how does it sound" rather than promises and hype. If the Linn approach/ direction is superior sounding people will take note.