Has Linn Gone Crazy? They Stopped Making Pre-Amps

This was recently announced, but as yet has not been covered on Audiogon.

Linn Audio has stated that they will stop manufacturing dedicated pre-amps:


So, is Linn Crazy Like a Fox, or Just Crazy...
+100 to Mateored for such thoughtful responses - assuming he or she isn't a Linn shill.
Yes mateored. I sometimes submit a tongue-in-cheek post not thinking of the pain it can cause others.
There's no pain. I'm just disappointed because I realized that the Linn Exakt system has never been discussed (as far as I can tell) on this forum, and typed out a very long response to stir up a discussion. And then all I got was your post.

I know that people on here don't really like Linn, but this is an interesting topic whether you like Linn or not (in my opinion).
By the way, I'm not a shill (although I do own several pieces of low-end Linn gear, as you can see by clicking on my system link)
Interestng. Why do you say that that Linn is disliked here om the Agon forum?