Has CJ dropped the Classic 2 preamp??

Took a look at the new CJ website and the Cassic 2 is no longer listed in the current product line up. It is now in the vintage category. 
This means its not current it is still a great sounding unit.The ET5 is a wonderful unit as well it is vintage now because there is now a ET7 don't think its much better but we will see reviews.
No doubt but that makes the ET3 the budget pre amp. Maybe sales didn't warrant making them. Audio Research went the same way by scrapping the SP line. Their least expensive pre amp is around 6-7K

the Classic 2 and ET-3 have been out for many years now. In a simliar fashion to the new ET-7 replacing the ET-5, maybe the next iteration is on the horizon. I have noticed that after a period of years in the marketplace, CJ, tends to place their products from current to vintage status.
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Doubt it, i think they are done with "Classic" legacy type of designs....that pre amp got shreaded by many forums due to its lack of features and analog volume with no remote.   I doubt they sold many because at that price people expect remote volume....

The sound quality and simple layout is why i bought it....that thing bettered my last two preamps by a wide margin. The difference was not subtle.   I love mine, its a Classic for sure now
Agreed oddiofyl
the Classic 2 / 2SE is a real sleeper that flies past most radars. An excellent value now on the used/demo marketplace. It will be interesting to see the next CJ pre-amp, not everyone can afford a GAT2 or ET-7.

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I predict the ET 3 will be around for a while.... It will remain there as there entry level preamp.   Maybe we'll see something like the Classic with a motorized volume control....who knows.   could have swung an ET but i thought i would have buyers remorse not buying an SE.  So I bought the 2 SE and it was the right choice for me.   I sold my previous preamp because i hated its digital volume control.   I would welcome and give serious consideration to an replacement with a remote analog volume but am not holding my breath