Has buying and/or selling audio gear changed?

Hi Everyone, I've been a longtime observer on Audiogon but this is my first post.  I recently ran into a situation that was new to me as I've recently sold some of my gear and I'm in the process of replacing it.  I've used the normal websites (Audiogon, US Audiomart, TMR, etc) and those transactions have been smooth without any issues.  I normally use PP Goods and Services as well as insurance with shipping.  However, I recently was on a website of a well-known individual in the industry who has a piece of equipment that was reasonable priced.  No, it wasn't a "too good to be true" price but was in the ballpark of what one would expect.  As we were ready to finalize the sale, he informed me that he only does PayPal F&F and he won't insure the product for shipping stating this is now the industry standard and it was non-negotiable.  Is this the new standard and all my other recent transactions were non-typical because I used PP Goods & Services and made sure the shipping had insurance to try and provide some protection?  I don't live close enough to buy the gear in person and I've bought and sold across the US and never had a problem but always used Goods and Services for peace of mind for the unexpected issue or problem.  For the record, I'm only interested in conversation that is related to what the industry standard is, not the individual involved here.  Let me know your thoughts.      


Did you mean your CC charged you an additional fee on top of Paypal’s for a F&F CC payment?

@mulveling ​​​Yes, extra fee from BofA of $27 (ballpark memory/trauma) on a $500 purchase.

Why give your hard earned money to someone who you don’t know if they’re going to ship the item or not, if it will get damaged in transit or not, and you have no recourse to reclaim the money you paid?

No FF is for non credible sellers. End of story. 

when we signed up for PayPal we agreed to pay them a fee for their service. Going to F&F cheats PayPal out of what you legally owe them for using their service. In other words, using F&F is dishonest.

Many have all sorts of rationalizations why it is OK to do this,  but the bottom line is it is stealing from PayPal. There are other ways to pay for things than cheating PayPal. 

If someone is comfortable being a dishonest thief and has no problem cheating PayPal, I have no desire to do business with them. 

I try not to be dishonest for monetary gain or to avoid monetary loss.  

I don't use F&F unless it's someone I trust and NEVER a complete stranger! I make that very clear to them upfront! Why give up all my protections with PayPal. I'd rather purchase from someone else.