Has Audiogon Been Hacked?

I received what looks like a phishing email masquerading as Audiogon but sent from info@chronozentrum.com, not from audiogon.com. It reads:

Protect your Account

Starting with 15th January 2015 we will add a new security filter designed for your protection.

If any suspicious activity will be detected on your account, our system will lock it down and will ask some security questions regarding the current payment method (credit card/ debit card) added to your account.

It is mandatory that you confirm today your payment information attached to your Audiogon account. Like this our systems will be fully updated and we will be able to keep you safe in the future.

If you don't have any payment method set into your account the chances of your account being automatically locked by our systems is considerable high.

Confirming your payment method for your account is free of charge and your card will not be debited in any way, is going to be safe kept for your protection.

Confirm my card

But the URL on the Confirm my card link is in Spain: http://safeaudiogon.esy.es/sign-in.

Add to that, the security certificates are all invalid once I login separately (directly at audiogon.com).

If it a real email, it violates all the anti-phishing rules, as described above.

Oh, and I would have submitted it through the Contact, but the link gives me yet another invalid security certificate.


I received that e-mail as well, and did not respond of course. Audiogon....do you have any comment on the matter? Please let us know what is going on.
anyone reading this do not click on a link within the email. That is how you get malware, Trojans, locked PC etc.
I received that email also. When you are asked to click on a link in an email to verify a credit card, etc., it is most certainly phishing. If this were real, you would be told how to get to the required page through the home page, no links used. I forwarded the suspicious email to Audiogon support so they can hopefully have this tracked down.