Has AR written off part of the market?

in AR's current product line, all but the smallest amps require 20 amp power. Such an outlet and wiring is rarely available unless you live in a house and have had the wiring upgraded in your listening room. Have AR's engineers determined something like, "15 amp ciruits are inherently inadequate, usable only for lower power tube amps?" I am attracted to AR's products for many reasons, but I now live in an apartment where 20 amp circuits are not an option. I still prefer to err on the side of too much power...if there is such a thing.
It's probably just a matter of preferring the mechanically superior 20Amp IEC connector to the "industry standard" 15A inlet

Just because the appliance is fitted with a 20A inlet does not mean it cannot be plugged into a standard wall outlet - if fitted with a 15A connector on the male end of the power cord.

20Amp Cord Cap

Above a link to a 20A power cord connector

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I recently purchased a SD 135. The power cord is 14 awg 20 amp on the female end and it has a standard 15 amp male connector that goes to the wall or conditioner. No worries. Buy the Audio Research.