Has anyone yet heard the Wilson Sophia 3 ?

I want to replace my WattPuppy 5's and am eager if anyone's yet auditioned the new Sophia 3's with tubes.
I just got a pair and am using them with a ARC Ref 110 amp. Amazing!
I had a chance to hear them recently for about an hour with one of my favorite artists on CD. The electronics was NAIM (solid state). I liked the speakers a lot, good soundstage, good resolution and it really felt like the singer was in the room with us. I felt that something was a bit off but couldn't place what it was; my wife thought it was the vocals, though on subsequent listening she was less sure. My understanding is that the should work well with tubes as long as they are around 20W or so.
Thewho, what other speakers did you audition before the Sophia 3s? What ultimately led you to choose the Wilsons?
I spent some time listening to the Sacha's and really liked them, however, they are out of my range, the Sophia seemed like a logical choice. I have always liked Wilson products and the company. I have always heard that ARC, Transparent and Wilson go very well together. I also really like the styling of the new Sophia which is important as they are in our living room. Another thing I like about Wilson is I know they will be here in five years, I do not think that can be said for all high end speaker companies. I have had them for about a month now and they are living up to all expectations. Hope that helps.
Heard them a few times at dealers place & shows.
Its quite a significant difference between the II and IIIs.
If funds permit, the IIIs are worthy contenders.
I heard them and I have them; however not with tubes. I can't say how they compare to your WP 5s, but I had Sophia IIs prior to Sophia IIIs and I believe there is a significant difference between the IIs and IIIs. That being said, I've learned that this "hobby" is more about what you hear than what I hear. Listen and draw your own conclusions.
Just got back from RMAF where I heard the Sophia IIs and IIIs, all with tubes. There is definitely an improvement with the IIIs over the IIs (though they were not using the same back end equioment). The IIIs sounded very good but the tube amps were expensive. I don't remember the manufacturer just the general prices but the RMAF exhibitor list will probably have the details.

From what I heard the IIIs definitely give the Sashas a run for their money. I heard the Sashas in two different rooms and for one of them would be heard pressed to recommend it over the Sophias. In the other room the Sashas were clearer better but $9K better? – that is a tough call.
Just bought a pair of Sophia 3s
Mine are almost broken in - and with a VAC amp are amazing - a quantum leap beyond my former WP 5's. If you like, email me with your reactions to them as yours break in also.
The Sophia 3 the finest speaker I have ever owned, and I have been through the whole Watt/Puppy lineup from the 3 to the 8. The 8 disappointed me, so I went to the Magico V3, and a lovely sound. But the Sophia (not the Sasha, for me) puts Wilson back on the track, a bit more exciting, and better bass than Magico.