Has anyone write audio review on HIFIADVISOR?

It is a new web site allowing everybody to review anything related to audio: components, magazines,audio web sites, forums, DIY,.....

Pork, no, but interesting new site.

Just curious if you are affiliated with it and can tell us more about it?
It looks like a great new site, no forums that I could see but a good reference. Porky better not be affiliated, it would be hypocritical after reading the disclaimer for membership.
Fun idea, as long as the grains of sand slip through the hour glass might as well pontificate on another site as well. Perhaps one may spread the word on gear that flies under the radar for some. Giving a real person view point.
I have not posted any reviews on HIFIADVISOR yet but as I understand the membership rules, people in the audio industry are only not allowed to review their products.
Its like an audio wiki..Nice.
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You might be disqualified from writing anywhere if you're deemed unable to edit your own thread title.
really not much there yet though but hopefully that will change as people add reviews. 

feels like 6moons web page where you need a detective to find the actual review between the adds and stuff floating around on the page. 

The web page too busy for my tastes.